Your Mother, The Best Teacher

Your Mother, The Best Teacher

This Sunday, the 13th of May is Mother’s Day! On this day, we will thank our mothers, and show our appreciation for their efforts and influence in our lives.

However, this Mother’s Day, we don’t want you to just recognize how awesome your mother is, but we want you to thank her for being the best teacher in your life.

The Most Important Educator

For most people, a mother is their first teacher from whom they learn their first words from. For many, a mother is one of the most important educators in their life.

However, there are still millions of mothers around the world that cannot read or write. In fact, two-thirds of the world’s illiterate population are women and girls. If a mother cannot read or write, then how can her child learn to read or write, succeed in school and realize their biggest dreams?

Educate a Mother and Empower Her Children

The World Literacy Foundation was founded to eradicate illiteracy. We strongly believe that education is a fundamental human right and that all mothers should have access to quality education that allows them to teach their children how to read and write so their child can reach their full potential and transcend beyond.

Mother’s Day 2018

This Mother’s Day we ask that you make a donation on behalf of your mother. In return, we’ll create a personal e-card to show your mother the impact that has been made in her name. We want to work towards ensuring all mothers have the opportunity to learn, read and write so they raise a generation of trailblazers ready to make an impactful change in this world.

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