World Teachers’ Day is here!

In October 1994, UNESCO declared the 5th of October to be “World Teachers’ Day”, a day dedicated to all incredible individuals who spend their lives educating others, shaping the minds of young children and youth around the world.

This World Teachers’ Day we want to recognize the important work of teachers, but also the need for more educators in our lives.

teachers_ugandaThe Realities

We are now facing a distressing situation, at least 74 countries around the world experience an acute shortage of teachers affecting millions of children by being excluded from primary education and beyond.

According with World Economic Forum, Nigeria has suffered the biggest shortages; there is a need for an additional 380,000 teachers, while India cope with shortages of 350,000, and Indonesia requires nearly 190,000 more teachers.

In order to reach the 4th Global Goal, that aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, the world needs millions of additional teachers. Data from the UNESCO shows we will need to recruit almost 68.8 million teachers to provide education to primary and secondary students by 2030.

Also, to improve the quality of education, we need far more than just having enough teachers in the education system: our teachers required to be properly trained, motivated and willing to continually improve their teaching practices, particularly now that we are living in a digital era.

SunBooks Empowers Teachers

The World Literacy Foundation recognizes this problem and developed the program, SunBooks to address this issue. SunBooks initiative aims to impact the lives of millions of children through developing, motivating and retaining teachers. SunBooks emphasizes on training and providing resources to empower, encourage and inspire teachers. This Teachers’ Day, you can donate to SunBooks to empower and train a teacher in Uganda!


teacher gulu

Meet Patrick, a teacher from Gulu, Uganda


Patrick is a Grade 6 teacher in Gulu, Uganda. He struggles without the many educational resources that are so readily available to teachers in wealthier countries.

“My greatest frustration as a teacher is not having the learning tools for my students. A classroom without books is a big obstacle in the ability for a student to learn.”

Patrick cannot simply download sample lesson plans or Google a subject like so many teachers with access to the Internet.


This Teachers’ Day, you can directly support teachers like Patrick in Gulu, Uganda. By making a donation, you can empower a teacher with a SunBooks tablet loaded with lesson plans, hundreds of e-books and other teacher resources. Donate today: https://www.sunbooks.org