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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 13, 2022

World Literacy Foundation launch in association with the UN General Assembly on 14th September 2022, in New York City, a specific task force made up of multi-nationals and philanthropists to pioneer the world’s first dedicated program to eradicate illiteracy amongst to 12-19 years in 50 cities across the globe by 2030.

Learning to read and write is fundamental for any individual as these skills empower children to continue learning and to make positive, informed choices into adulthood. However, there are 770 million people globally who are illiterate and 2 billion who struggle to read a sentence. Improving literacy has a profound impact on their lives, job opportunities, self esteem, and well-being.

Our vision is to eradicate illiteracy of 12–19-year-olds in lower socioeconomic areas of 50 cities, utilizing the latest education technology, literacy resources and community led support. $1 invested in literacy intervention returns $13 to the economy (Heckman). According to the World Bank, the cost of illiteracy to the global economy is estimated at 1.19 trillion dollars.

World Literacy Foundation is the peak body for development of literacy skills, globally. The World Literacy Foundation is a global not-for-profit that works to lift young people out of poverty through literacy.

We empower people to read and write as this enables employment opportunities, and ultimately boosts economic growth and social well-being.

A group of multinational companies are turning their attention to work together and in collaboration with the World Literacy Foundation, to eradicate illiteracy of young people in 10 cities in the USA and 40 other cities globally by 2030.

The launch of the World Literacy Taskforce associated with the 77th UN General Assembly in New York, aims to bring together the expertise, brainpower and resources of these global organizations, to reduce youth illiteracy which peaked significantly during the pandemic.


The World Literacy Foundation is a peak global NGO striving to eradicate illiteracy.


The ability to read is the foundation of all learning

Why does Literacy matter?

            • A young person who is illiterate will face lifelong barriers.
            • Unemployment or under employment.
            • Living below the poverty line.
            • Poor health outcomes
            • Dependency on welfare.
            • Inequality.
            • 72% of young people in Prison are illiterate.
            • 46% of children from low-income households struggle to read.
            • 61% of children in under-served communities do not own a single book.
            • Illiteracy has a significant personal cost.
            • Early intervention is critical if we are to break this poverty cycle.
            • $1 spend on early literacy intervention equates to $10 in economic return.
            • In the workforce, literacy drives increased employability, and productivity.
            • Illiteracy costs the global economy $1.2 trillion each year.

We strive to break the poverty cycle and eradicate illiteracy with young people in 50 cities by 2030 using new and start technologies, tutoring and support.