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World Book Day
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For some children, the number of books read doubled during the pandemic, whilst for others living in poverty, they didn't read a single book.

Accessing books early on is crucial for a child to reach key literacy milestones. Without developing these foundations, their education and joy in reading is not likely to be realized. Having books at home is the beginning of a child’s journey to a quality education and better future opportunities.

Please donate today and provide books to children who need them the most.


Can provide a child with a picture book to read at home.

Book ownership supports crucial early years development.

Donate $5


Can provide child with two books, pencils, and a journal.

Stories help children learn and explore important themes like emotions. By providing stationery and a journal, children are encouraged to write down their feelings and experiences alongside writing their own stories.

Donate $10


Can provide a child with a book bundle and a literacy resource pack.

When schools close, children living in poverty do not go home to shelves filled with books. A lot of learning is undone without regular reading at home and having their own resources is crucial to maintain their literacy journey and strengthen their love of reading.

Donate $25