The Immeasurable Potential of Women

to Change the World.


Every year, on March 8, we mark International Women’s Day and recognize the power, as well as the immeasurable potential of the world’s 3.8 billion women. Unlocking this potential is only possible if we ensure free quality education for women and girls but foremost the right to acquire literacy skills as education starts with the ability to read and write.


This year, the World Literacy Foundation is celebrating this date by shining a light on the women in our WORLDLIT community who are helping to improve the literacy levels of children worldwide. One of them is Sneha Nadella from Texas, United States; a volunteer, donor, and literacy advocate who shared her thoughts about children’s literacy and her journey with the World Literacy Foundation.



Inertnational Women's DAyWhy is literacy important to you?


Literacy has been a very integral part of my life since childhood. Most of my family lives in rural villages in India; I recall observing my parents donating money to nearby schools and libraries in the villages. These schools hardly have quality learning resources and appropriate facilities for children’s education. Since then, I began to understand the literacy inequality that prevails in our society. As I grew older, I realized that I could do my part to increase literacy levels for unprivileged children. 



How was your journey to becoming a WLF Donor?


After taking my initial steps into the literacy world as an English tutor for children in India, I realized that I wanted to broaden the scope of my service by contributing more to this cause. I started to look for literacy-oriented organizations and I came across the World Literacy Foundation. I immediately loved the work that they were doing. 


Initially, I aspired to apply for the WLF Ambassador Program; however, I had just missed the application deadline by that time. The organization appealed to me so much that I wanted to get involved in another way. After getting in touch with some of the amazing people in the WORLDLIT community, they welcomed me to the team as a volunteer to record the voices for children’s audiobooks. 


My experience so far has been great so last year I decided to commit myself to make a monthly donation. I can tell The World Literacy Foundation has great things ahead and I am extremely thrilled and thankful to be a part of that journey.


Thank you, Sneha for sharing your experience with our community, we are proud to have the support of like-minded women like you. And happy International Women’s Day to all the amazing women around the world.

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