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The World Literacy Foundation is changing lives through literacy.

The World Literacy Taskforce, an initiative of the World Literacy Foundation, embraces multinationals and leading digital literacy solutions to enable literacy and reading of 12–19-year-olds. The Taskforce acknowledges that this age group in marginalized communities are often vulnerable and disadvantaged as they toward their working life.

UNESCO reports 750,000,000 people are functionally illiterate. The World Literacy Taskforce exists for them. Our mission is to significantly eradicate illiteracy in fifty marginalized communities worldwide by 2030.

The World Literacy Taskforce was launched as a side event to the 77th United Nations General Assembly in New York city on September 14th 2022.

Brainpower, resources and passionate corporate social responsibility of multinationals and digital literacy experts are driving the growth and global expansion of the World Literacy Taskforce.

Taskforce founding members include:

dollar general
literacy planet
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Taskforce cities where we are deploying digital literacy solutions to enable and motivate continuous literacy and ongoing education of needy students are Boston, Memphis, and London.


We are proud to partner with the best practices literacy solutions


Edsoma is deploying their scalable digital literacy solution in Memphis, Tennessee. Join Edsoma and the World Literacy Taskforce, growing beyond Memphis across the US and globally.   

Literacy Planet

Literacy Planet is launching digital literacy solutions with the World Literacy Foundation in Boston Massachusetts, USA.

We seek corporate support for resources and manpower to impact many needy communities with Literacy Planet’s scalable solution.


Our next stop will be at the World Literacy Foundation Oxford University Summit. We hope you can join us in person or online

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The World Literacy Foundation recognizes and embraces state of the art education technology and AI as a platform to scalability and access for all people to be empowered to read and continuously develop their literacy skills.