Using a Creative Approach to Motivate Children to Read

Reading is an essential skill that every child should develop as early as possible. Unfortunately, some children struggle to hone their reading skills. Children can easily pick up interest in reading if their teacher is committed to identifying their reading needs. To read, kids need motivation. The following methods will help to encourage them to read:


Select books that interest children.


Choosing the right book goes a long way in motivating kids to read, and there are diverse genres of books for each of them. Start by picking a book that youngsters like. Children tend to love illustrated or picture books.


Motivate Children to ReadCreate a reading time that encourages reading activities.


Kids do not read at all times; they need their leisure time to do whatever pleases them. However, with scheduled reading time, their minds are programmed to know when to return to their books, and they even see it as fun. The more enjoyable they find each hour they spend on their books, the more they will look forward to reading. A reading schedule builds anticipation in a child. Children are eager to return to their books because they are, by default, inquisitive.


Make use of digital learning.


Digital learning is the trendiest means of knowledge acquisition. Thanks to the digital age, with a swipe on a touchscreen gadget, knowledge is available at everyone’s fingertips. Learning can take place through the use of electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, and personal computers, amongst others. There are lots of reading apps that you can install to aid productive reading habits and motivate children to read.


Develop a child’s language skills by reading stories daily.


When children read at least a couple of storybooks a day, their interest is piqued. Allowing a child to give feedback and provide reviews helps the child cultivate better reading habits, learn new words, and possibly use those words while speaking. More so, they see themselves as individuals who have an opinion about what the author has written.


Without a reading habit many children struggle. You can use one or more of the methods above to encourage children to have a healthy attitude towards reading. With the right attitude children will be prepared for new adventures; they will have ideas to share and can participate in many other academic activities. Children who read will excel.