Three great reasons to join our Schools Program

The World Literacy Foundation has opened applications for the 2018 Schools Program. The Schools Program brings together globally-minded classrooms, educators and students to get inspired, informed and connected on global issues and on the significance of literacy. The Program aims to inspire students by promoting literacy and raising awareness for those who are unable to read and write around the globe.


The Schools Program offers students and educators an incredible experience to learn so much about literacy and global issues. You may ask the question, so why should our school get involved? Here are three reasons why: 

  1. The topic of literacy is important and needs to be promoted by schools

Not being able to read or write or being ‘illiterate’ can often be the root problem for many global issues around the world. If global literacy standards increased, there would be a reduction in global poverty and war. For this reason, it is crucial for schools and communities to promote and fundraise for literacy as in turn, this will have an enormous impact on the peace and justice in our world.

  1. What it can offer students is incredible

The WLF Schools Program offers students an opportunity like no other.  Not only will they develop their leadership skills within their own school environment through planning and running the fundraisers and school-wide events but they will develop these skills in the community too.  Students will develop a set of tangible skills, including leadership, public speaking, campaigning, advocacy, and events management.

  1. Be a part a leading schools network

Be a part of a dynamic community of leading schools and classrooms from around the globe who are passionate about literacy and helping other schools in sub-Saharan Africa. This is a unique opportunity for schools to be involved in whereby they will collaborate and network with other like-minded schools from over thirty different countries.


This is a unique program for schools to be involved with. The WLF Schools Program is the perfect platform for schools to offer extracurricular experiences to their students. These experiences will assist students to develop an understanding and passion for international development and truly become global citizens. This will enable them to learn, connect and grow and work towards solving global issues.


Sign your school up today!