Hello, I am Abdalah!

I would like to fundraise for Sun Books Program in Africa to support the World literacy Foundation in its efforts to eradicate illiteracy worldwide.


About 750 million adults are illiterate and a third of them are women. Two billion people struggle to read the sentence. To eradicate illiteracy, we should start with our children and I think Sun Book is a great solution.

Sun Books is a digital learning tool that aims to facilitate access to quality educational resources for children in off-the-grid locations in Africa. Sun Books brings together solar power, literacy resources, technology, and the local community to enhance literacy levels and the education of children in Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudafrica, and Zimbabwe.


Please, consider making a donation to Sun Books to help reduce illiteracy rates in Africa. When we invest in Sun Books project, we invest in the future of our children. Alone we can do so little together we can do so much.

About me

I am Abdalah Amiri from the United Republic of Tanzania. I am currently studying for a Master of Education at the University of the People. I have been a volunteer in different organizations around the globe to help improve my community welfare and now I am participating in the World Literacy Ambassador Programme 2021.

Abdalah Amiri - Sun Books

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