Be a speaker at the World Literacy Summit 2020

The World Literacy Summit 2020 is fast approaching, but you still have time to take part!


If your work relates to literacy and you believe reading changes lives, we encourage you to submit a paper. It’s the largest gathering of literacy experts and learners in the world, bringing together people with a common purpose – improving literacy across the globe.


The four-day summit will take place from April 5-8, 2020 at Oxford in the UK.


The call for papers closes on 13 December 2019, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Reading Changes LivesReading Changes Lives


In line with the World Literacy Foundations lofty goal of eradicating global illiteracy, the 2020 summit theme will be ‘Reading Changes Lives’.

Education affects people’s ability to work, stay healthy and support families. The human and economic impact on communities, schools and nations is pervasive.

The power of literacy to change lives is crucial. We want to build a global literacy community to raise awareness, share best practices and shed light on the many issues our theme covers.

World Literacy SummitThe benefits of submitting a paper

 Global exposure

  • 600 delegates attending the summit
  • over 80 nations represented
  • 40,000 people watching online
  • held at the world’s number one university, Oxford
  • world leaders and changemakers can learn about your work

Connect with expert peers

  • network with others who share a similar purpose
  • interact, discuss and share ideas
  • hear from leaders who can influence change 

Impact beyond the summit

  • implement new ideas learnt at the summit
  • spark interest and inspire others to act
  • foster relationships and projects with new peers

Speakers WLS20General guidelines for papers


We encourage submissions from academics, educators, libraries, literacy professionals and industry partners. These can also include government bodies, not for profit enterprises and others passionate about literacy.


Papers can be about relevant research, case studies, student projects or other innovations in any of the following areas related to our ‘Reading Changes Lives’ theme:

  • First Nation
  • Sustainable Development
  • Early Childhood
  • Literacy and Technology
  • Girls’ Education
  • Goals and Literacy Programmes
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Functional Illiteracy
  • Other

Oxford UniversityTogether we can do this!


If we join forces and collaborate with a common goal, we can make massive inroads. The more experts get involved, the more impact we can have.


Your story is important to help make ‘Reading Changes Lives’ more than just a summit theme, but a reality for all. Click here before 13 December 2019 to submit your paper

Written by: Eliana Furnari


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