Children reading

It began with a concept, trying to introduce a skill to children in a setting not yet explored.

Now it can help lead children to a future that they may have never been able to explore.

 Alexandre Gagnon wanted to introduce balloon art to families, in bringing the story characters to life throughout its reading. What he didn’t realise is that he was also introducing children to a new love of reading in creating a new form of multi-modal learning.

 Combining reading and balloon art play, his amazing tool engages children in the joy of reading, following instructions, discovering new artistic and technical capabilities and sparking their imagination to further explore their creative prospects.

 Alexandre will be canvassing doors across Canada to raise awareness about this kit, our Organisation and the many reading projects that bring free access to education to children across the globe.

Every individual who purchases their own balloon twist story kit help towards sending donated kits to our projects and will sign a message of hope in the books to be donated.

”I want to show that people stand behind the children first hand. Imagine a child’s eyes when the first thing they are seeing and reading are the signatures and messages from 10 individuals who support and encourage their prosperity.”-Alexandre Gagnon

Children reading

Excerpt : Blown Into Life – The Balloon Twist Story Book

There’s nothing more admirable than someone planting trees under whose shade they may never get to sit.

 Together as a community, we can cast a vast shadow.