The Biggest Advantages of Reading on a Screen

Publishers, authors, and book lovers have long debated over which medium for reading is the better choice: print or digital. Of course, there are many reasons why you might prefer one over the other, but some of the discussion’s fiercest participants side with the former.

Benefits of traditional books

Many readers prefer traditional books for several reasons. A study by the University of Arizona and Towson University delved into the psychology behind owning books and found that people are more emotionally attached to physical books. Moreover, printed books establish a sense of self and belonging, with many liking the fact that books you love can be yours for life. Meanwhile, others claim that physical books are easier to share with others as opposed to e-books, which are often guarded by digital rights management systems and can’t be as easily shared.

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That said, it’s understandable that e-books have suffered under a bad rap. However, it would be unfair to simply ignore the benefits that e-books bring to the table, as there are several key advantages to reading on a screen.

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Benefits of reading on a screen

One important advantage of e-books is that they tend to be more accessible. Author Erin Kelly claimed that e-books changed her life because of this particular characteristic. They can be bought from anywhere with an internet connection, and there are no problems with shipping or availability. It also tends to be cheaper than actual books, which could encourage people to read even more — a benefit that Kelly attributes to the sudden popularity of her other titles after one of her works was released as an e-book.

Another lesser-known benefit of reading e-books is that you can change the font size and the line spacing in the text according to your own personal preference, which can make reading easier for people with disabilities. Those who have motor disabilities can also find pressing a button easier than turning a page. And with additional software, some e-books can even be turned into audiobooks, which is especially beneficial for those with weak or no eyesight whatsoever.

Remember always, big and small actions are important in the process to eradicate illiteracy in the world. As Andrea, you can develop an initiative within your community. You have the power to create awareness or fundraise to support the literacy cause locally and internationally.

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Technology and education

In the realm of education, a post by Maryville University acknowledges that continuing to learn is the best way to grow within your industry. Thankfully, learning is now more convenient thanks to digital material and it has been shown that the use of tablets at a young age also helps build digital literacy, which is essential in today’s technology-driven world.

In the World Literacy Foundation, we encourage the use of tablets in the classroom through our Sun Books Project. The technology has facilitated us the delivery of educational content such as e-books and learning activities to students in remote communities without internet access or electricity.

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By: Hannah Leah