Reading Changes Lives!

Illiteracy has many negative effects on people’s life. In fact, there is a direct relationship between illiteracy and unemployment, and illiteracy and health issues.

Illiteracy and Unemployment


According to the World Literacy Foundation, 1 in 5 children is out of school. Regardless of what the reasons for this are or who is the main responsible for this situation, dropping out of school has a negative impact on these children’s lives and their future.

Due to a lack of education, these children won’t develop proficient reading and writing skills. Consequentially, this is a disadvantage when applying for jobs, leading them to unemployment and by extension to poverty that remains a vicious cycle in families for generations. Literacy and education should be accessible for all children to grant them more opportunities as they grow.

illiteracy and healthIlliteracy and Health Issues


According to Project Literacy, illiterate people are 18 times more likely to be unable to identify their prescriptions, leading to relapses, drug dependency, or overdoses.

If a patient is illiterate, it is almost inevitable that they will misread the dosage on the medication bottle or prescription, illiteracy involves dire health issues.

Recent developments in medicine, now allow us to reach out to developing countries where health conditions are unbelievably low. But ironically, lifesaving drugs are the cause of many deaths due to drug overdoses. This could be avoided by simply teaching ting people to read and write.

sun books education and technologyLiteracy and Hope


Luckily, there is hope. Luckily, the answer to these problems lies in education, which begins at a young age. The World Literacy Foundation is reaching out to children who have limited access to educational resources.

A good example is Sun Books, an educational platform with digital books and activities to enhance the education of children in remote communities in Africa. This learning tool aims to empower children through the development of reading and writing skills. To learn more you can visit www.sunbook.org

Written by: Simran Khera


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