Reading by Esme James – Age 12

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Esme James is a bright and passionate young advocate for education. Here, she shares a poem about the importance of literacy.

By Esme James.

Sitting there for ages,
As the world passes you by.
As you turn over the pages,
Reading who, what, where and why.

Today I brewed a potion,
Lived in a castle too.
I swam in the blue ocean,
Helped Sherlock find a clue.

I’m the victim of a crime,
Or a wizard casting spells.
I’m the hero of all time,
Or a hunchback ringing bells.

Reading shows you faces,
That you never thought you’d know.
Reading takes you places,
That you never dreamed you’d go.

But some, they aren’t fortunate.
They weren’t taught how to read.
That’s why it’s so important,
To help those in need.