Read for Wellness

Read for Wellness

Read for Wellness

Where every book read is a building block for literacy and step toward healthy living for chronically ill children

The Read for Wellness program ignites reading culture and enables well-being through e-resources supporting the needs of at-risk children impacted by chronic illness, so they can be empowered and thrive, despite their condition.

Read for Wellness

Children with serious medical issues deal with unseen struggles, complex challenges, and are concerned with how to be well while living with their disease.    We champion these children by bringing them a handheld library of support.

Through partnered pediatric hospitals, we provide qualified patients with a free Kindle e-reader supplied with effective, key resources, and approved by medical and educational professionals for areas of greatest need:

– General Literacy – Books to build skills and a culture of reading, to bring joy, comfort, learning, inspiration & escape, appropriate for age, interests, and level.

– Therapeutic – Books that provide emotional support, and topics to navigate mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness & self-esteem.

– Health Literacy – Books to educate and empower the patient and family to self-advocate, make informed health decisions and practice ongoing self-care.

We focus on children from low-income and medically underserved populations whose health condition requires long, or frequent hospital stays and ongoing treatments which impede their school attendance and disrupt learning. Please contact us to learn more.


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