Raise Awareness About Illiteracy to Make a Difference

raise illiteracy awareness 1A staggering 750 million people in the world are impacted by illiteracy. Around 1.5 billion children in 195 countries have been affected by COVID-19 school closures. As a public speaker and advocate, I’m on a mission to raise awareness about illiteracy and make a difference.

Illiteracy and education

People with low literacy skills may not be able to read a book, understand signs, fill out forms, read instructions, or use the internet. Illiteracy holds individuals back throughout their lives. It makes school difficult, locks people out of the job market, and impacts parents raising children. It leads to poor health outcomes, welfare dependency, and gender inequality.

In contrast, education transforms lives by increasing employability, improving health,  reducing poverty, and gender inequality. The positive individual, economic and social impacts mean more people must have access to education.

World Literacy Foundation Ambassador

This summer, I was thrilled to be chosen as a United States Word Literacy Foundation Ambassador. The organization’s commitment to eradicating illiteracy in communities across the globe is truly inspiring. I formed close relationships with other friendly, hardworking, and determined WLF Ambassadors who share a common passion to make a difference.

Teaching Students

raise illiteracy awareness 2

Cognitive Exchange (CE) is a non-profit organization that helps students in underprivileged communities around the world learn speech and debate skills. I’m the director of a US expansion for CE, targeting schools in India and Afghanistan. Each week, students from 50 schools take part in the CE program. Over 4500 students have graduated so far!

Thanks to my close friendship with fellow ambassador Mariatu Kanu, I’ve been able to teach speech classes to the REAL organization in Sierra Leone. I’ve also helped fellow WLF Ambassadors implement online models of CE in Africa and South America to access education during COVID-19 shutdowns, as well as set up and teach in other online speech classes in Africa.

Podcast to raise awareness 

To commemorate International Literacy Day and reach more people, I released an episode called Literacy and Lavendar on my podcast ‘Spill The KriTEA’. In this episode, I discuss the devastating impact of illiteracy, World Literacy Foundation, and Cognitive Exchange.

Literacy is a fundamental human right. I’m determined to keep using my voice to raise awareness and bring about change.

You can help spread the word and make a difference too!