So Many Brilliant Reasons to Partner with Us

By partnering with the World Literacy Foundation, you can help change children’s lives through literacy while you enhance your company culture, increase employee engagement and build community spirit by  focusing your business on a human-centred purpose.

We welcome corporate partners of all sizes. What is most important to us is not the size of the organization, but that we have a shared commitment to help children discover the joy of reading and writing from an early age.

Social responsibility

Your business can make a positive impact by helping to eradicate illiteracy worldwide.

Employee engagement

Workplace giving and volunteering can help motivate and empower your staff

Customer engagement

We are proud to promote our partners to our global community via social media, blogs, newsletters and our website.

Raise awareness

We gather global literacy leaders and organizations to share ideas and collaborate within the sector.

Ways to Get Involved

Charity of the year

Demonstrate your business’ commitment to eradicating illiteracy by nominating us as your Charity of the Year. Multi-year partnerships are incredibly impactful too.

Sponsor a project

Donate to one of our literacy projects and impact the lives of children by giving them the opportunity to access quality educational resources and discover the joy of reading.

Cause-related marketing

Donate a percentage of your proceeds. You can choose from a single annual donation, a percentage of sale price of your company line product, or net proceeds from a limited-edition product.

In-kind donations

Donating products and services are really helpful and allow donations to go even further.

Staff fundraising

You can boost staff engagement and cooperation across your business by organizing a workplace fundraiser with your colleagues. Activities can be virtual or hosted in person.

Amazon Smile Charity

If you are an Amazon customer, you can select the World Literacy Foundation as your designated charity and Amazon will donates 0.5 percent of your purchase to our cause.

“It is great to be supporting the World Literacy Foundation in their wide-ranging work to bring literacy to remote and lower income communities. With WLF we have found a proactive and responsive charity partner brimming with enthusiasm! We are pleased to offer our technical expertise and software solutions to further strengthen WLF’s messaging.

On a personal level, I am delighted that through this partnership I can play a meaningful part in promoting the importance of literacy.”

Steve Wind-Mozley, Chief Marketing Officer, Vizrt Group.

Our Partners

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Collaborative Partners

Partnerships WLF has grown to align with the needs of an evolving education sector. The World Literacy Foundation has worked towards forging partnerships with other leading educational and related not-for-profit organisations, and has built long-lasting relationships within communities around the world. Donate – World Literacy Foundation significantly dedicates its time and resources to conducting research, and uses resulting information to help advocate in local communities as well as on a global scale.





Donations The World Literacy Foundation volunteers and partner communities have worked in Azerbaijan, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Colombia, Mozambique, Uganda, and other developing countries to provide access to quality education and learning resources to disadvantaged communities. With bases on five of the seven continents, the tailors each operation to the country’s specific literacy needs. In the African sect based in Uganda, where many people live in poverty and have no electricity the World Literacy Foundation has donated solar powered tablets. Paired with the Sun Books initiative the World Literacy Foundation is not just donating recourses but also training to teachers at the primary school level. Donate WLF – Where the foundation was started in Australia, the goal is geared towards closing the gap of literacy between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children. For indigenous people illiteracy rates are a more prominent problem. To improve skills such as reading and number skills, the World Literacy Foundation has developed a program called the Indigenous Learning App. This app contains multilingual e-books and multiple literacy games in not just English but also the local dialect in Australia.[6] In the African sect with headquarters in Uganda, where many people live in poverty and have no electricity the World Literacy Foundation has donated solar powered tablets. Paired with the Sun Books initiative the World Literacy Foundation is not just donating recourses but also training to teachers at the primary school level on how to use these resources effectively. The solar powered tablets come preloaded with digital learning content and multilingual e-books. In Uganda only roughly 27% of people have access to electricity and the cost of one book can be a whole month’s salary. These Sun Books are useful in the sense that they do not need to be electrically charged and are universal tools, coming loaded with multiple uses.[7] Several years ago, the World Literacy Foundation founded their South America sect in Manizales, Colombia. Latin America is in dire need of educational reform, over 35 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate. Here it is only expected that children attend school for 6 years compared to the traditional 12 most other countries require. To help improve these statistics the World Literacy Foundation runs two classes a week for over 60 children and other community members. During beneficial classes the World Literacy Foundation supports learners of all ages with tutoring and reading services.[7] In the United Kingdom illiteracy costs the UK’s economy roughly $50 billion USD a year. It is here the World Literacy Foundation has run 26 fundraising projects, book distribution drives and provides numerous services. To help combat illiteracy the World literacy Foundation provides services such as parent mentoring, tutoring services, delivering literacy recourses, and distributes multilingual children/baby books. In the UK the World Literacy Foundation also has made a pack to new mothers to whom English would not be their first language to improve literacy and help them improve their standard of life.[7] Even in the United States of America there is a literacy crisis. This gap can be measured by 30 million words, and this stretches from learners who live in poverty to those who are afforded the best education money can buy. Although it is not just the socioeconomics that divide America’s literate, literacy rates also greatly range between racial groups. To support American learners the World Literacy Foundation has encouraged 150 schools to participate in International literacy Day. In February 2019 a project called Michigan Reads debuted; this is an initiative to provide tutoring and literacy resources to children from all backgrounds in Michigan. In America there are also over 60 Youth Ambassadors who promote literacy in their schools and communities.[7] Global projects The World Literacy Foundation hosts several global projects a year. The most popular being the International Day of Literacy.
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