Changing nappies… and the world!

From the moment we are born, literacy becomes the key not only to our survival but to our wellbeing. Literacy allows us to make sense of the world around us, to make effective decisions about health, finance and education, and to act in a way that is socially responsive and cohesive.

Teachers play a crucial role in the development of literacy and communication skills but long before we enter a classroom, we meet our first teacher: OUR MOTHER.

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“A child first teacher is its mother”


This quote from Peng Liyuan reflects the special connection we share as children with our mother. Mothers teach us from the moment we are born: what to touch, how to eat and speak, what is and isn’t safe. By taking care of us, mothers teach us how to be kind. By learning as we learn, they teach us how to strive to be our best selves. By firmly saying, “No, you cannot,” they teach us the importance of having limits and what is and isn’t okay.  By picking up our broken pieces when we are upset, they teach us compassion. Would you be the person you are today had you not had your mother?

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The ripple effect


We know that by educating women, we improve overall development (The Guardian, 2014). Equipping girls and women with literacy skills has a confounding effect as they pass these skills on to their children. Studies have shown the mother´s literacy level is closely related to child health and survival.

The overwhelming research in favour of educating mothers is a testament to the profound influence they have over the lives of their children and communities. Health and nutrition, household income, literacy levels, and wellbeing are all affected by your mother (The Guardian, 2014)– if you would like to meet one of the most influential figures in the world today, look no further.

Thanking our first teacher


This Mother’s Day we all have a chance to show our mothers, our very first teachers, how much we appreciate their endless work and dedication to their children. So, whether you make a card, give a gift, or spend some quality time with your mother on this day, it’s worth reflecting on just how special mothers are.

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What will you do to thank your mother this Mother’s Day?


By: Ashley Emmerton