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Since 2015, under the initiative Michigan & Georgia Reads, we have been implementing different programs to lift literacy levels for children in marginalized communities with a focus on girls’ education, African American, Latino and First Nation.

In some regions of the United States, literacy rates vary greatly between ethnic and socioeconomic groups. More than 60% of low-income families have no children’s books in their home. For children aged 0-6, there is a 30-million-word gap between children from the wealthiest and poorest families.

Thanks to the support of local schools, communities and major donors such as the 76’s NBA basketball player Tobias Harris, we are bringing support to children with limited access to books and educational resources.


Literacy Tutoring

Literacy Tutoring

We offer literacy mentoring to children and parents to promote the importance and love for reading.

Books Distribution

Literacy resources

We distribute new and second-hand books, school supplies, and other literacy resources within the community.

Pop-up Libraries

Pop up Libraries

Our pop-up-libraries are filled with donated classic children’s books. Parents are encouraged to take a book home for free to read with their child.

All 50 States - KIDS READ ONE! Project

read one project

In partnership with #1 Children’s book series in the USA, “The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon”, we encourage students to read as a community. By reading the same book, children from different levels can share experiences, discuss ideas, and challenge each other.

Learn more:  www.harrymoon.com