Mitigating the Impact of a Global Pandemic

COVID-19 has completely changed the way the entire world is operating. During these trying times, kids are losing plenty of opportunities to learn due to the lack of daily classes and after-school programs to participate in. Additionally, parents are often too busy managing their household or working from home to educate their kids.

Fortunately, there are many ways parents can mitigate the impact of the global pandemic on their child’s education.


Mitigating-3Give them real-life experiments to explore


It could be quite challenging for children, especially the younger ones, to work on school activities at home. After all, home has always been a place where they relax, play, bond with their family and take a step back from their academic work. With this in mind, it is best for parents to encourage learning in a fun and interactive way.

Futurity claims that by giving your kids something real to explore, like experiments and simple house chores, you can keep them more excited about learning different concepts such as heat transfer, inertia, physical and chemical changes of matter and much more. For instance, when you ask them to assist in preparing dinner, you can talk to them about the science behind the vapours inside a cooking pot or the bubbling occurring. These activities will not only help them appreciate different concepts and see how they are applied in the real world but also enhance their sense of competency, self-reliance and responsibility.


Mitigating-2Invest in online learning options


The advanced state of technology permits students to have access to various educational materials and courses that will help further their learning. While educational YouTube videos and games might be enough to support the education of preschool students, you might have to explore more advanced online learning options for older students.


For grade school to middle school learners, Outlook is a good option because it offers free live online classes that cover advanced subjects such as math, science, coding, art, music and world languages.


For college-age students, there’s Coursera, which is a provider of massive open online courses, on top of degrees and certificates. Coursera is included in HP’s list of the best distance learning tools for teachers. This is because of their streamable, on-demand lectures, including those led by professors from Yale and company leaders from IBM and Google.


pexels-photo-1312023Get them to read interesting books


If it is a real challenge to get your kids to read books, try introducing them through a medium that is a little more familiar to digitally native kids. There are lots of applications that provide access to audiobooks and visually appealing e-books. Children tend to mimic the behaviour of their parents, so if you want to get your children interested in reading you can try to lead by example. Consider establishing a family reading time that can serve as a learning opportunity and a bonding activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Current circumstances are keeping millions of kids out of school worldwide. As parents, we are trying to ensure that our kids continue to learn in spite of what’s happening. It may result in juggling multiple things, but the right tips and tricks can be of great help in enabling us to support our kids’ education.

Written by: Hanne Leah


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