Meet Nighty: WLF team member

Meet Nighty: WLF team member

“Education and literacy are fundamental. Education unlocks the potential for all children. I want to improve the education in Uganda and provide a better standard of living for generations to come.”

Our bunch at the World Literacy Foundation consists of striving, empowering and go-getting individuals across Africa, Latin America, Australia, USA and the UK. We all have one goal in common; we want to raise global literacy standards and provide quality education to all children in the world. Today, we introduce you to our inspiring team member from Uganda.

Nighty is an education specialist from Gulu, in Northern Uganda. She’s been working for the World Literacy Foundation as our Program Coordinator in Uganda. Nighty is an advocate for literacy and education. She wants to improve education in Uganda. She’s been working in the education sector for many years, with the aim to end illiteracy in Uganda.


“Every child should have the opportunity to receive a good quality education that allows them to develop the skills for better lives for themselves, their family and the wider community.” – Nighty

Moved by the past to make a change for the future For those who don’t know, Northern Uganda has suffered from armed conflict and civil unrest since the 1980’s. These years were characterised by political instability and violent fights for power. The rebel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) started its campaign in 1986. From this moment on, thousands of civilians were killed, abducted, kidnapped and tortured. Around 30,000 children were recruited as soldiers, labourers and wives for the rebel offices.

“Arising from the past, Northern Uganda is confronted with challenges of land conflict, severe poverty and poor education standards. I want to help change that.”

Following the armed conflict and civil unrest, Nighty saw the desperate need of the people in her region. Many of them lacking basic literacy skills that would allow them to rebuild a life after the war. She saw that the education in Uganda had faded. She began offering support to abducted victims through educational, vocational and life skills training. Following from this, Nighty began supporting young mothers also affected by the war. She provided educational lessons, learning resources and short-term educational courses.

Nighty continued to pursue her passion for education in Uganda. She began working as a teacher in Gulu, where she directly supported vulnerable children.

“I am helping build a more hopeful, stable future for my country. I want to help improve the standards of education in Uganda.”


The Realities

The Gulu region (Northern Uganda) has the highest poverty rate in the country. More so, it also has the lowest literacy rate in Uganda, only 64% of the population in the region are literate.

Nighty wants to bring quality education to all children. In Uganda, statistics show that only one in four students will complete primary school. Nighty’s response to that? “I’m working to change this. I am helping to bring better education throughout Uganda.”

“I value education more than anything else in this world. It provides opportunities, freedom and a ticket out of poverty. When you don’t have much, you realise the importance in education in providing better opportunities for yourself and your community. By improving the education in Uganda, it will help lift thousands out of poverty.”

The future of education in Uganda

“I want Uganda to move forward and I believe the Sun Books tablet can help achieve this.”


We all collectively recognise that technology in education is important for bringing countries forward and lifting them out of poverty. When you gain the skills from from quality education, you can enhance a country’s opportunities and strengths. Integrating technology in education allows individuals to feel empowered, their communities and the wider economy.

We asked Nighty about her visions for Uganda.

“I envision a future in Uganda where every child can read and write. Where every child can complete primary school and secondary school. Where every child secures a job that provides many benefits to the Ugandan economy and the citizens best interests. I want all students to have access to technology in the classroom and be able to transcend their capabilities.”

Nighty training teachers in Gulu, Uganda

“I realise that I live in one of the most remote parts of Uganda, where we don’t receive the funding and advancements in education like in the capital Kampala.

However, I am training teachers so they can provide the best quality education in Uganda. This will provide students with opportunities to better their lives, their families lives and their communities for generations to come.”

Written by Jamie-Lee Kay




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