Literacy = Freedom



Why does literacy matter? It’s a terribly simple question but the answer is not obvious to everyone. However, to me, the answer is simple… and I will explain it in this equally simple question: if you had the means to help anyone in the world have a good life, and potentially lift them out of poverty or an unfavourable situation, would you?


I’d be quite worried if the answer was no, and I’m going to assume that I’ve received an overwhelming yes from those of you reading this. I think you will have guessed by now that the tool these people need is literacy. Literacy provides people with the freedom to find employment, positively engage in society and intellectually free themselves from the shackles of illiteracy.

Literacy and life expectancyTo be illiterate is a burden. Those of you who are reading this are incredibly fortunate to have the ability to read and to expand your mind, knowledge and thoughts through the vocabulary and images that reading provides you with.


As Frederick Douglass said, “once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” This couldn’t be truer in any interpretation of this quote, whether he means economically, politically, philosophically or creatively. A study conducted by the National Literary Trust found that statistically, the higher your literacy level, the higher your life expectancy.



Literacy and opportunityWe must not deprive people of the opportunity for freedom, which I believe is an intrinsic human right. Luckily you can you help them unlock a world which is restricted for those who cannot read or write. By supporting The World Literacy Foundation, you are helping people in a way unlike any other. Literacy is unconquerable, once you have it, you have a key. I can’t tell you how many doors that key will open.