Literacy, an Elemental Ability in Life

The impact of literacy


Literacy is a fundamental need that hugely influences a child’s life to achieve their full potential (Maslow (1943, 1954). It has a multitude of effects on the development and growth of humans on planet earth. Children are the future, and if they are illiterate, where do you foresee industries such as education, health, music, transport, and aerospace?

Literacy allows a child the opportunity to imagine. Reading a book gives an individual the feeling of exploring and being in an alternate reality. It opens their mind to possible ideas, enhances creativity, and inspires an individual to explore their options.


Being able to read and write fundamentally allows an individual to communicate and express themselves. If a person can acquire the knowledge to communicate and express themselves effectively, there would be much less conflict and misunderstanding.


literacy3Literacy opens communication channels


We can all agree that individuals connect and communicate through different means. For some children with disabilities such as autism, they can communicate through music. They can only communicate through music if there are literate individuals in this world who use their skills to help disabled children find their way in this world. As you can see, literacy is the basis for this. Literacy is an essential link to connections and enabling communicating.



Literacy helps communities


The future of transport and aerospace industries rely on the global children of the future to develop the countries they live in and pass on their intellect. All of this is only possible if children are provided with the opportunity to develop the most basic literacy needs; the ability to read and write.


If you share and understand the importance of literacy to lift living standards and provide empowerment like the World Literacy Foundation, will you choose to turn a blind eye, or will you choose to collaborate and make a change?


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Written by: Lisa Fernandez

Edited by: Jennifer Rennie – Blue Autumn Copy 

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