Literacy Changes Lives


A child with no formal means of education can teach themselves anything just by reading. Some of the greatest minds in history; such as Abraham Lincoln, Jack London, Abigail Adams, Ray Bradbury and Malcom X; didn’t have the opportunity at a formal education but learned through reading library books. Even today, there are children throughout the world who do not have the luxury of receiving a formal education. Their only hope for education comes through their local library or books given to them.

I have always been an avid reader and creative writer since before I can remember. My childhood heroes weren’t from comic books, movies or TV. They were authors. I learned words have the power to transform your mind from an early age. I was that child who always had her nose in a book. When I was twelve years old one of my mentors took me to the Cleveland Browns vs Washington Chiefs NFL game. I didn’t know anything about football. So the day before; I went to my school library, checked out as many books on football as I could and took them with me to the game. I taught myself about the game by reading the books while the game was going on.

Children and Reading

A child’s imagination is boundless and their goals achievable if given the opportunity to explore their interests. I have been an educator for almost fifteen years. I have taught in public, private and homeschool settings in the United States, China, Canada and England. While the cultures may be different, a child’s love for learning through reading and positive guidance is always the same. Reading is very powerful, no matter the language.

My love for the written word and education is not isolated to my classroom. My heart’s passion is for every child, throughout the world, to transform their lives for the better through reading and writing. I own two companies that help promote reading and writing throughout the world. Academic Warriors is an educational company that works with gifted, homeschool, public and private schooled students in all countries. We provide curriculum, classes, educational consultations and private lessons. Academic Warriors’ Arts in the Parks is a program that teaches students how to write a story from prewriting to publishing. Their stories are then published in a yearly anthology and the students have the option to obtain a publishing contract for that same story through Big Bend Productions’ Comanche Moon program.

Big Bend Productions

Big Bend Productions is a transmedia company with several smaller companies underneath it. Marfa House, the publishing company, produces a variety of anthologies throughout the year. I have decided to donate 10% of all sales from the anthologies to the World Literacy Foundation. I want to help an organisation that actively promotes literacy throughout the world. The World Literacy Foundation works directly with classrooms and community workers to push through the barriers that hinder children from learning how to read. Their efforts have brought about lifelong changes to the communities they are working with. I am looking forward to donating 10% of all Marfa House anthology sales to the World Literacy Foundation. Let’s change the world.

Big Bend

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By: Allison Bruning