The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is the recipient of a 2020 World Literacy Award.

“Literacy at large, and reading fluency, in specific, we believe it unlocks learning across the entire curricular, and illiteracy affects both personal and national prosperity.” 

–  Dr. Tayseer Nuaimi, Education Minister


“We face a global literacy crisis with 91% of children in the world not attending school right now”

– Andrew Kay, World Literacy Foundation CEO


The World Literacy Foundation awarded the Kingdom of Jordan for their significant contribution to literacy as a country.


The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan implemented several initiatives to eradicate illiteracy and provide educational resources for all citizens. In particular, the Jordanian Ministry of Education has set out legislation to guarantee the provision of education for all. For years, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has strived for educational success, now reaching nearly universal primary enrollment, gender parity in Jordanian schools, and a 95 percent adult literacy rate.


Today, 770 million people cannot read a single word, while another 2 billion people struggle to read a full sentence. In Jordan alone, approximately 40 percent of the population are school-aged children, and these numbers are likely to impede the educational infrastructure. Literacy initiatives led by the Ministry of Education are pivotal to ensure future educational success for the Kingdom.


Illiteracy is a global crisis, and the World Literacy Foundation aims to educate people on the benefit of acquiring even basic literacy skills. The cycle begins with a child struggling to read, professing into an adult who struggles with literacy and as a result becomes a victim of issues relating to unemployment, welfare, crime, and wellbeing. ‘ Today, we are delighted to celebrate the outstanding efforts by the Government, non-government organizations and all stakeholders to ensure each child can discover the joy of reading in their early years.


Andrew Kay, CEO of the World Literacy Foundation, explains that this award aims to acknowledge the valuable contribution of the Ministry of Education to eradicate illiteracy in Jordan.


The award was presented on April 18 to the Minister of Education at the World Literacy Summit 2020 – Online Experience.


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Media Contact: Sarah Morstad
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