International Literacy Day


Urgent Post-Covid Literacy Recovery

This year, the International Literacy Day celebration will shine a light on the need of bridging the digital divide. There is no doubt this pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital and remote learning solutions to relieve the effects of the pandemic on the 90% of the world’s students affected by school closures. Sadly, children from families with limited access to books, technology, and the internet have been the most affected.

10-year-old Levi is one of these children! When Levi started grade 3, he was slow at reading and he didn’t have books at school or home to practice and improve his literacy skills. What was even worse, his school closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Luckily, teachers from his school rapidly organized a new work scheme to visit children’s houses and hold small reading sessions using our Sun Books tablets so children could continue reading and learning while at home.

The first time Levi saw a Sun Books tablet, he didn’t know how to use it but the bright colors, characters, and interactive games caught his attention. Now that the students are back at school, Levi and his friends enjoy over 300 e-books and games included in our solar-powered tablets. We are proud to say that Levi has gained more vocabulary and improved his reading skills.

Without any effective reading intervention, children like Levi are simply at high risk of becoming functional illiterate adults. We must prioritize the needs of those who are in a disadvantaged condition to ensure free and inclusive education for all.​ 

We must act now!

International Literacy Day

Like all years, we want to celebrate with you!

On September 8, let’s celebrate International Literacy Day together. Join us in a free online event to enjoy the most entertained storytimes, literacy webinars, workshops, and more. Register today to access a full day of literacy activities and video sessions with international child book authors and literacy experts.


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September 8, 2021

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Online Event

Help us reach 5,000 children!

This International Literacy Day is your chance to make a donation to provide a child with quality digital learning solutions to improve their literacy skills.

Your donation will go towards where it’s most needed.


Webinars and Interviews

Dr. Jill Tussey and Dr. Leslie Haas International Literacy Day
Student Engagement Webinar with Dr. Jill Tussey and Dr. Leslie Haas

Learn how to promote literacy engagement in children at home and school. Dr. Jill and Dr. Leslie have a vast experience in curriculum and instruction across K-12, undergraduate, and graduate courses and a particular interest in student engagement through popular culture.

The Joyful of Reading International Literacy Day
The Power of Joyful Reading Webinar with Dr. Gina Pepin and Eric Litwin

Dr. Gina gives you what you need to transform your classroom into a "reading playground" a space for children to read along, sing to, dance to, and celebrate words and texts. A space in which they experience the power of joyful reading.

Read a Book, Make a Difference - Engaging Kids in Reading Webinar with Simbi

Reading is fun, but what if reading a story could improve not only your own reading skills, but help other readers too? Motivate your learners by inspiring them to not only read, but to read for good! Simbi is calling all educators! Kick start your reading program with the Read for Good challenge!

sun books international literacy day
Connecting the Unconnected: Webinar with Sun Books

Do you want to learn more about Sun Books? The Global Project Manager and the Director of Program in Nigeria will tell us how they are using innovative technology to advance the education of students in classrooms with limited connection to internet and electricity.

Engage Children in Reading With the Power of Interactive Books Webinar with BOOKR Kids

Children read less than ever before.Studies have shown that as a result, they are likely to have more text interpretation and reading comprehension problems. It is our responsibility to identify and develop new potential 21st century educational strategies that support better reading education - while also make reading fun for kids. BOOKR Kids‘ reading apps help achieve this goal by communicating classic storybooks in new, more engaging ways while also building on contemporary children’s literature and illustration trends. Join us to learn more about the benefits and pitfalls of interactive books!

WLF ambassadors 2021
The Power of Young People to Change the World a series of interviews to WLF Ambassadors

Get inspired by these young leaders who are aiming to eradicate iliteracy. Every year, the World Literacy Foundation runs a free global program to train and encourage youth individuals to become literacy advocates and generate change in their communities. Our ambassador program is an incredible platform to interact, share and cooperate with other like-minded people determined to eradicate illiteracy worldwide.

World Literacy Awards 1
2021 World Literacy Awards Ceremony

Don't miss the 2021 World Literacy Awards ceremony! Every year, the World Literacy Foundation recognizes individuals and organizations annually for their outstanding endeavors that promote literacy learning. The Judging Panel of 15 eminent leaders from across the globe includes literacy leaders, Nobel Literature Prize recipients, and award-winning authors.

Why Knowing The 44 Sounds Of English Is So Critical To English Literacy Webinar with FUNetix

FUNetix is a groundbreaking reading app created for children ages 5-9 and based on 17 years of research. Learn why knowing the 44 Sounds of English is critical to English literacy and how the history of reading and the neuroscience of reading are embedded in this app in this workshop.

All webinars will be available on-demand on our exclusive platform from September 8.. Please register here.


Storytime Sessions

smelly cats
Smelly Cats Storytime with Stacey Fru

Two cats who are cousins and portrays the everyday challenges of different socio-economics, academic and religious backgrounds in which the two survived.

oh dear international literacy day
Oh Dear! Storytime with Damo

Damo from Damo Music for Kids read aloud to you an amazing story written by Rod Campbell where its character goes down to the farmyard to fetch the eggs for grandma. But where will he find them?

Fish dont sneeze
Fish Don't Sneeze Storytime with Rachel Tomlinson

Listen to Rachel from Reading and Beyond read aloud Fish Don't Sneeze, a fantastic book by Kirstie Watson. A fish that sneezes? It's strange! It's weird! It's just not normal! And it's the reason why no one wants to be friends with poor Sneezy the Fish.

Run Saba Run International Literacy Day
Run Saba, Run! Storytime with Upasana Makati

Listen to the author narrates the adventurous journey of Saba and Kabir. This story was written with the hope of shattering little myths regarding sports played by persons with blindness and encouraging diversity and inclusion in the blossoming young minds.

Found in Melbourne International Literacy Day
Found in Melbourne Storytime with Hon Linda Dessau AC

There is so much to do in Melbourne. So many places to see and new friends to meet. Discover the magic of this city in this story written by the talented Joanne O'Callaghan.

El abcdario latinoamericano international literacy day
ABCDario Latinoamericano Storytime in Spanish with Daniela Diaz

Discover more about Latin America and Colombia with Daniela, Purpose Books Founder and Aprende Leyendo Ambassador. Daniela loves to inspire children to read and connect them with their Latin American roots.

International Literacy Day Busy Izzy and Newly Truly
Busy Izzy and Newly Truly Storytime with Skye Clementine

Busy Izzy and Newly Truly is a great story about the adventures of Busy Izzy, a vivacious and capable 12-year-old girl, and her newly-adopted puppy, "Newly Truly."

Flower of Sunaina International Literacy Day
Flowers for Sunaina Storytime with Vandana Naidu

A wonderful book written by Vandana Naidu that narrates the story of two friends and encourages inclusion, helping children enjoy and embrace diversity.

Creative Children Like the Animals of the World
Creative Children Like the Animals of the World Storytime with Michelle Korenfeld

Inspire the kids to express their innate play with ideas in writing and drawing with this book. That will reveal their strengths and interests and enable you to guide them to fulfillment, to having confidence and to reaching higher, while having wonderful family time.

The Kings Drapes
The King's Drapes Storytime with Cameron Finch

Listen to Cameron Finch from Atmosphere Press read aloud this fantastic story by Jocelyn Tambascio. The timeless tale of The King's Drapes takes the wits of a bright, brave girl to teach a greedy king that there are things in life much more valuable than wealth or material goods.

le petit prince
Le Petit Prince Storytime with Olivier d'Agay, great-nephew of the author of the Little Prince

This is the story of a grown-up meeting his inner child, embodied by a Little Prince. Traveling from an asteroid, he left his rose there to discover the world.

abe the service dog
Abe The Service Dog Storytime with Catherine Trujillo and Yvon Smith from Sitel

Abe was a real Service Dog who dedicated his life assisting BJ, a good family friend. ServiceDogs are smart, well trained, well behaved, dedicated, and committed to ensuring their masteris safe. Listen to this fantastic story written by T. Albert

the thoughtful tales baby brown
The Thoughtful Tales of Baby Brown Bear Storytime with Celine Anne Delos Reyes

The Thoughtful Tales of Baby Brown Bear is a series of children’s rhyme stories by Siddharthiya Pillay following Baby Brown Bear and her friends. Join them on their adventures of kindness, bravery and friendship through their forest world!

Tiko and Ndane
Tiko and Ndane Storytime with Patience Machayi

Did you know that a cat and dog can be friends? Did you know we are all equal despite coming from different backgrounds.This story written by Royd Zulu teaches children to respect and be friends with other people.

My First Sleepover International Literacy Day
My First Sleepover - Strawberry Shortcake Storytime with Adele

Join Adele as she reads one of her favorite Aussie stories, "Strawberry Shortcake - My First Sleepover," written by the talented Lauren Cecil.

Grandmas Treasured Shoes International Literacy Day
Grandma's Treasured Shoes Storytime with Coral Vass

Grandma has oodles and oodles of shoes! Walking shoes, dancing shoes, fancy and plain, Grandma has a shoe for every occasion. So why are these scratched and dusty old ones so special?

All storytime sessions will be available on-demand on our exclusive platform from September 8. Please register here.

International Literacy Day WLF has grown to align with the needs of an evolving education sector. The World Literacy Foundation has worked towards forging partnerships with other leading educational and related not-for-profit organisations, and has built long-lasting relationships within communities around the world. Donate – United Kingdom World Literacy Foundation significantly dedicates its time and resources to conducting research, and uses resulting information to help advocate in local communities as well as on a global scale.

International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day

The World Literacy Foundation volunteers and partner communities have worked in Azerbaijan, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Colombia, Mozambique, Uganda, and other developing countries to provide access to quality education and learning resources to disadvantaged communities. With bases on five of the seven continents, the tailors each operation to the country’s specific literacy needs.

In the African sect based in Uganda, where many people live in poverty and have no electricity the World Literacy Foundation has donated solar powered tablets. Paired with the Sun Books initiative the World Literacy Foundation is not just donating recourses but also training to teachers at the primary school level.

Where the foundation was started in Australia, the goal is geared towards closing the gap of literacy between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children. For indigenous people illiteracy rates are a more prominent problem. To improve skills such as reading and number skills, the World Literacy Foundation has developed a program called the Indigenous Learning App. This app contains multilingual e-books and multiple literacy games in not just English but also the local dialect in Australia.[6]

In the African sect with headquarters in Uganda, where many people live in poverty and have no electricity the World Literacy Foundation has donated solar powered tablets. Paired with the Sun Books initiative the World Literacy Foundation is not just donating recourses but also training to teachers at the primary school level on how to use these resources effectively. The solar powered tablets come preloaded with digital learning content and multilingual e-books. In Uganda only roughly 27% of people have access to electricity and the cost of one book can be a whole month’s salary.

These are useful in the sense that they do not need to be electrically charged and are universal tools, coming loaded with multiple uses.[7] Several years ago, the World Literacy Foundation founded their South America sect in Manizales, Colombia. Latin America is in dire need of educational reform, over 35 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate.

Here it is only expected that children attend school for 6 years compared to the traditional 12 most other countries require. To help improve these statistics the World Literacy Foundation runs two classes a week for over 60 children and other community members. During beneficial classes the World Literacy Foundation supports learners of all ages with tutoring and reading services.[7] In the United Kingdom illiteracy costs the UK’s economy roughly $50 billion USD a year.

It is here the World Literacy Foundation has run 26 fundraising projects, book distribution drives and provides numerous services. To help combat illiteracy the World literacy Foundation provides services such as parent mentoring, tutoring services, delivering literacy recourses, and distributes multilingual children/baby books. In the UK the World Literacy Foundation also has made a pack to new mothers to whom English would not be their first language to improve literacy and help them improve their standard of life.[7] Even in the United States of America there is a literacy crisis.

This gap can be measured by 30 million words, and this stretches from learners who live in poverty to those who are afforded the best education money can buy. Although it is not just the socioeconomics that divide America’s literate, literacy rates also greatly range between racial groups. To support American learners the World Literacy Foundation has encouraged 150 schools to participate in International literacy Day.

In February 2019 a project called Michigan Reads debuted; this is an initiative to provide tutoring and literacy resources to children from all backgrounds in Michigan. In America there are also over 60 Youth Ambassadors who promote literacy in their schools and communities.[7] Global projects The World Literacy Foundation hosts several global projects a year. The most popular being the International Day of Literacy.