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During this global crisis

Schools were closed in more than 190 countries
children education disrupted coronavirus
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People with no or low literacy skills, who already face multiple disadvantages in their daily lives, have also had limited access to health and preventive information about the coronavirus and online learning opportunities to continue their education. The COVID-19 crisis has shed light on the unpreparedness of infrastructure, education systems, programs, and people for ensuring the continuity of teaching and learning in such a situation.


How can teaching and learning be reimagined in times of COVID-19 and beyond?

The crisis from the educator’s perspective

Teachers play a crucial role in reimagining successful teaching and learning strategies to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore, the teacher’s skills, working conditions, and teaching methodologies require our support.


Due to school closures, educators are facing shortages and unfair changes to their working conditions. Many teachers who were on unstable contracts or working in the non-formal sector are at risk of losing their only income.


Sometimes, this role is performed by volunteers or people with a secondary level of education who have limited capacities for their work. Educators require ongoing service training and support to develop their teaching skills and resilience to manage remote teaching during the COVID-19 crisis.


Many educators face multiple disadvantages to performing their invaluable work. Inappropriate teaching facilities, lack of learning materials, and poor working conditions are the most common.

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The role of technology in literacy & education

Many parents are concerned about the disruption of their child’s education, and distance learning assisted by technologyhas been adopted as a temporary solution to this problem. However, remote learning has also highlighted the impact of the digital divide on the less fortunate.


It is undeniable that future literacy programs can also benefit from digital technology. We need to embrace, support and even scale up initiatives that pursue the improvement of literacy skills for children and youth through technology.

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Action means everything

On International Literacy Day 2020, we make a call to policy-makers, advocates, teachers, families, and students to join forces and take action. It is a common responsibility to ensure children keep learning during and after this global crisis.


Children’s education requires, now more than ever, free access to quality educational resources and technology. In fact, the world needs to adopt a more inclusive learning system.


The World Literacy Foundation is working day by day to reach children in remote communities with quality educational resources to enhance their literacy skills. Learn more about our EdTech initiatives: Sun Books, Dingo, and Indigenous Learning App.

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