Indigenous Literacy

International Literacy Day 2019

This date gives us the opportunity to celebrate, commemorate, and share the importance of literacy in our daily lives. Today, as every day, we work hard to advocate for literacy as a global issue and a human right.



This year, the focus is ‘Literacy and Multilingualism’, a call for embracing linguistic diversity to promote inclusion in education.


We have approximately 7,000 languages in the world, each one representing cultural traditions values, and the heritage of a community.

Minority languages are dying out...

Modernization, a globalizing economy, and the homogenization of international culture are making minority languages die out at an unprecedented rate.


According to UNESCO, one language disappears on average every two weeks, 40% of some 7,000 languages spoken nowadays are in danger of disappearing and 90 percent of the world’s languages might disappear by the end of this century.


We need to protect the different languages to preserve our rich cultural diversity in the world.


Languages Endangered

Impact World Literacy

The role of languages in education:

A language is the communication tool of a community and plays a fundamental role in education, social integration, and economic development.

Benefits of multilingualism practices in education include the creation and appreciation of cultural awareness and local languages, increasing academic and educational value, and the improvement of personal development by:

  • Facilitating the communication with many people in both personal and professional contexts
  • Enhancing intellectual flexibility and creativity
  • Growing an understanding of different cultures and experiences, with multilingualism easily becoming multiculturalism
  • Providing a competitive edge in today’s job market
  • Increasing the human capital of an individual
  • Promoting education inclusion
  • Enhancing literacy, language and communication skills

Our projects aim to protect local languages.


We're using innovative technology to provide educational e-books, activities, and locally relevant educational content to advance the learning of children in remote communities.

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We collaborate with Indigenous children, young people, linguistic experts and the local community to create a wider range of suitable digital educational content.

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We have published our multilingual baby book in 12 languages to empower migrant and refugee parents with the opportunity to read stories to their children in their own language and English.

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100% of online donations will go directly to fund our projects.

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Would you like to improve your English writing skills?

Enter for a chance to win 1of the 5 places on the Introductory English Writing Workshop organized by Live Literate.

Whether you are a native English speaker, or English is your second language, this workshop is a fantastic opportunity to boost your knowledge in:

  • Punctuation and its uses
  • Basic English grammar concepts
  • Building an essay
  • Designing an article
  • Writing a short story
  • Finding your voice
  • Writing short pieces
  • Proofreading your work

Introductory English Writing Workshop


Start Date: Monday, 9th September

Duration: 5 Weeks

Location: Online

The workshop includes exclusive access to a private Facebook group and Canvas Learning Management System, all materials, and one-on-one guidance as needed.

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