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Our work is not possible without the volunteer's effort and time. Join our community and help us bringing literacy resources to children who need them.



We bring together individuals from all over the world to be WLF ambassadors to advocate for literacy in their local community.

The World Literacy Foundation is a global not-for-profit that works to lift young people out of poverty through literacy. Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2003, the World Literacy Foundation operates on the principle that education is a basic human right.
We believe in literacy as the foundation of lifelong learning and education, people that cannot read or write experience difficulties in developing simple every day task such as read the label of a medicine bottle, fill in a job application or understand a traffic sign, so when we help someone to acquire literacy skills, we empowering them to afford better opportunities in life and breaking the poverty cycle


Your donation, small or large, makes a huge difference in the education of children around the world.

100% of online donations will go directly to fund our projects