Empowering Through Education

Imagine you had no education and could not read or write. How difficult would your life be? This is the frightening reality for over 750 million adults in the worldtwo-thirds of whom are women. An important project in India is addressing this issue by empowering illiterate adults through education. 

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Education issues in India 


The Constitution of India states that all citizens have a right to education. Despite recent strides to improve the education system, it still remains inaccessible and unaffordable for millions of people.  According to UNICEF, 31% of the adult population in India is still illiterate. What’s more, only 59% of women compared to 79% of men are literate, so there is also a gender gap.

The reasons for such high illiteracy rates include poverty, lack of education facilities and social conditioning. Although both government and private organizations have worked to try to provide solutions, there is still a very long way to go. 

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Initiative bridges the gap


At Empower Foundation in India, we seek to empower people through education. Our Badlaav project provides functional literacy to neo-literate peopleBadlaav is a Hindi word which means bringing change. The project aims to bring positive change to the world by giving people literacy skills. It focuses on providing basic reading and writing skills to adults in their territorial language. Badlaav helps them become more confident and able to negotiate day to day tasks, use public facilities, learn how to leverage welfare schemes and know their rights and responsibilities. 


The aim is to make people self-reliant and empowered. Through ‘Badlaav’, more than 90 people in three Indian villages have already been trained and this year we will reach out to 1000 women across the country. We want to educate and empower maximum women across different Indian states to help bridge the gender education gap

Education IndiaA bright future for all


Empower Foundation is fighting illiteracy by encouraging quality education for all. Like the World Literacy Foundation, we advocate to empower people through learning and literacy. 


Written by: Empower Foundation

Edited by: Eliana Furnari