3 Best Products of Educational Technology

The world of educational technology is ever-changing and at points it can feel hard to catch up. It appears that an invention is released onto the ed-tech market every day, so how are we to know which products to look out for?

Learn about three notable projects in the dynamic world of educational technology:

Sun Books

Who they are:

Sun Books is a non-profit organization launched in 2015. They have developed solar powered e-books that contain localised educational resources for individuals living in remote locations. Their goal is to enable communities all over the world to cultivate well-being and economic development through enhanced literacy skills.

What they do:

The durability of the solar-powered Sun Books tablets allow students to learn without the use of electricity or an internet connection. Educational content in digital form, including e-books and activities, can be accessed via the Sun Books app on either the tablets provided or a smartphone device.

Content on Sun Books is relevant to the region in which it is being used, including “local stories, images and sounds in the mother tongue and the English language”.

Why it matters:

While it may be hard to imagine, around 750 million adults across the world still lack basic literacy skills. With only 35% of schools in sub-Saharan Africa having access to electricity, an ed-tech solution independent of charging cables and internet connection becomes necessary.

Sun Books strongly believes that literacy is a part of the basic human right to education.

So they set out to help the nearly 250 million children in primary schools in the developing world who are struggling with reading simple words.

Sir Linkalot

Who they are:

Sir Linkalot is an educational app that has gathered underused memorization techniques and turned them into imaginative flashcard-style animations designed to teach children how to spell.

What they do:

Sir Linkalot’s multi-sensory approach addresses students of all learning styles and abilities. The app uses ‘linking’ aids so that users can better remember spelling and grammar rules. They market the app prominently towards children, but it can also be useful for adults with dyslexia, and those going into academic upgrading as a refresher course.

Why it matters:

While more than “a third of 11-year-old children don’t meet literacy test standards”, students using the Sir Linkalot app can improve their spelling score by 70%.

This app is ideal in so many learning scenarios, be it in-class lessons, home schooling, or after-school fun. Science-backed spelling games can entertain children while meeting the United Kingdom’s national curriculum SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar).

Journey 2 Basic Skills:

Who are they:

Journey 2 Basic Skills is an app created by Klik2learn – an ed-tech company founded by language specialists with a focus on technology. The app uses digital lessons and animations to teach basic reading, writing, numeracy, and English language skills.

What they do:

Journey 2 Basic Skill’s virtual lessons are developed for use on low-cost smartphones and pre-loaded, solar-powered tablets to operate in all regions of the world. Their courses are designed in English to increase the number of opportunities available to those learning through the app. It even uses audio recording technology that can aid in the pronunciation of English words and numbers.

Why it matters:

Journey 2 Basic Skills intends to change the fact that “illiteracy affects over 700 million people worldwide and has an impact on employment, poverty, gender and civil rights”. Through accessible education, Journey 2 Basic Skills provides learners with a foundational understanding of the English language.