The World Literacy Foundation: Bringing Early Literacy and Learning to Laundromats across the US, UK and Australia

The World Literacy Foundation: Bringing Early Literacy and Learning to Laundromats across the US, UK and Australia

Paul is the owner of a Laundromat in the southside of Chicago. He is waving an arm at the young children playing with blocks, reading books to one another, and playing with puppets. “This is what making a difference means in my community.” Paul was referencing the installed “pop up library , part of the national USA Reads/WLF initiative. For the past eight years laundromats across the USA. UK and Australia we  have been lifting  the foundational literacy skills in highly disadvantaged regions to help kids discover the joy of reading.

The evidence tells us that the highest rates of illiteracy are in the poorest communities with few people visiting a public library or owning books said Andrew Kay CEO World Literacy Foundation.

“We believe that meeting children in safe and friendly places are critical to reducing barriers and increasing access to books and early literacy support, “ says Mr Kay.  “Bringing books, fun and educational play into places like laundromats where families have a long wait time is just common sense,”  “Most families have limited time during the week. But when they are at the laundromat — an everyday space they frequent with regularity — there is a wonderful opportunity to engage the young children and their parents in critical early literacy activities,” Mr Kay states.

Early Literacy and Learning to Laundromats“Laundries are hubs in communities, and being able to connect those hubs to seeing kids develop a love and habit for reading is our mission, our passion, and duty. We empower parent’s to be their child’s first teacher and read books at home each day.
 “The furniture, toys, books and early literacy tools are all proven to be effective, safe, and fun for kids to learn.” The nooks and pop up libraries  come in a variety of sizes, appropriate to fit into, say, the footprint of a commercial washing machine, or large enough to provide a parent and child couch — perfect for reading or playing together. One thing is constant for all the kids: new books which arrive on a monthly basis. Laundromat owner Paul, says, “The kids know when I am going to bring the new books out and eagerly await the boxes coming!”

With your workplace, school, community group to fund a new “pop up library, please reach out to us

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Empowering Kids Through Storybooks: Helping Kids Make Sense of Global Conflicts with Compassion

Empowering Kids Through Storybooks


Empowering Kids Through Storybooks

A life . Empowering Kids Through Storybooks


Empowering Kids Through Storybooks

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Empowering Kids Through Storybooks
Empowering Kids Through Storybooks
Empowering Kids Through Storybooks

The"The Truth About Reading" is a powerful documentary that sheds light on the heart-wrenching reality of illiteracy in America. It highlights the pervasive struggles individuals face in reading and addresses the challenges within educational institutions. Shocking statistics reveal the alarming rates of functional illiteracy among adults and the high school dropout rate. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on literacy issues is emphasized.

The World Literacy Foundation and USA Reads are proactive organizations working to combat illiteracy. The "Read for Wellness" initiative by USA Reads provides crucial literacy support to children facing adversities, including those in hospitals, foster care, and resettling from displacement. Recognizing the transformative power of books, the program aims to enhance emotional well-being and equip children with the tools needed to thrive academically and personally, ensuring they can flourish despite their circumstances. These efforts underscore the importance of improving literacy rates and facilitating access to educational resources for a brighter future.

In the fast-paced world of modern healthcare, hospitals across the United States are recognizing the importance of holistic patient care. Beyond medical treatment, the concept of "reading for wellness" has emerged as an innovative approach to support the well-being of patients, and Kindles are playing a crucial role in this endeavor.

Reading has long been celebrated for its ability to transport readers to different worlds, alleviate stress, and promote relaxation. In the context of healthcare, reading can serve as a source of comfort and distraction, especially for patients facing lengthy hospital stays or chronic illnesses. It can also enhance mental well-being, reduce anxiety, and improve overall patient experiences.

Kindle, developed by Amazon, is a pioneer in the world of e-readers. Its lightweight design, impressive battery life, and vast library of e-books make it an ideal device for healthcare settings. Hospitals across the United States are embracing Kindle as a tool to facilitate the reading-for-wellness initiative.

The Truth About Reading

The Invisible Crisis Hiding In Plain Sight" is a documentary presented by John Corcoran of the John Corcoran Foundation and Nick Nanton, ESQ. of DNAFilms. The documentary aims to ignite a movement advocating for high-level literacy for all individuals. It sheds light on the widespread crisis of illiteracy and sub-literacy that affects every aspect of society, aiming to educate and motivate viewers through research and inspiring storytelling of individuals who have overcome reading difficulties.

The vision of the documentary is to create a society where every individual possesses strong literacy skills, empowering them to succeed in various aspects of life. It highlights alarming statistics, such as 54% of adults between 16 and 74 years old lacking proficiency in literacy and 65% of 4th graders in the US not meeting proficiency standards.

John Corcoran, a former high school history teacher with a history of reading difficulties, and Nick Nanton, the director and producer of the documentary, are passionate about addressing literacy issues. John Corcoran, through the John Corcoran Foundation, aims to prevent and eradicate illiteracy and sub-literacy, drawing from his personal experience of learning to read at the age of 48. Nick Nanton, a director with numerous documentaries and Emmy awards to his name, is committed to making a positive difference through his work.

The documentary's team plans to significantly impact literacy in society and is conducting a fundraising campaign to raise $500,000 to make the documentary a reality. Contributions can be made through The John Corcoran Foundation, a tax-exempt 501c3 organization. The timeline for the project involves completing filming, production, and distribution, aiming for a release on major streaming networks in the summer of 2023.

Overall, the documentary aims to raise awareness about the literacy crisis and inspire collective efforts to promote high-level literacy, ultimately creating a society where everyone has the skills to succeed in life.