Donate today and open a world of possibilities for a child.

We believe every child should be able to read and write to enjoy lifelong learning and empowerment. Your contribution will enhance the literacy skills of children. 

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Your Donation Makes a Real Difference

Your support provides children with access to literacy resources, reading programs and better trained teachers so they can reach their full potential.  

Last year, thanks to supporters like you, 116,740 children, young people and families were supported to develop their literacy skills. 

Other Ways To Give

You can help change children’s lives with a variety of giving options.

Designate gifts In Memory Of / In Honor Of

A Memorial Contribution provides an opportunity to honor the memory of a loved one with a monetary gift in their name.
An Honor contribution is a unique way to recognize an individual for a noteworthy accomplishment or on a special occasion.
Your gift in their name will help support the work of World Literacy Foundation that help build a better future.
Each gift serves as a lasting tribute to the person since the fund will exist in perpetuity.


"My 3rd-grade teacher instilled the love of reading in me and donating to children's literacy is the perfect way to celebrate his retirement."
In Honor of Mr. Walters
"My Aunt dedicated her life to helping children to learn to read, and my gift is a way to carry her legacy forward."
In Memory of her Aunt Betty
"Every Christmas, I give my grandchildren money to make a donation to a worthy cause of their choice, and it has become a favorite holiday tradition."
In celebration of her Grandchildren

Our Impact in 2021


children or parents accessed our services


books distributed


WLF ambassadors from 118 countries advocating for literacy


million people reached through mainstream media, advocacy events and social media


volunteer hours donated to our projects


How Your Donation Will Help

Your contribution will develop the literacy skills of children living in the world’s most deprived communities. 92% of online donations are allocated to our literacy programs. Administration costs are covered by corporate and philanthropic funding, so you can rest assured your donation will get as many literacy packs and reading support as possible into the hands of children across the world.  

About World Literacy Foundation

10 USD

Could provide a child with an engaging literacy pack complete with book, stationery, literacy workbook and tips for the whole family.

About World Literacy Foundation

25 USD

Could provide a child with 3 new culturally relevant and diverse stories, pre-loaded on to our literacy app for children to read with their friends.  

World Literacy Foundation WorldBookDay

75 USD

Could provide a pop-up library to a deprived community for children to take free books home.

About World Literacy Foundation 7

200 USD

Could help us develop the skills and confidence of teacher in an off the grid classroom supporting hundreds of children a year. 

Together, We Can Change a Child's Life!


Fundraise for Us

We rely on individuals, groups, schools, and companies organizing events to raise funds for our literacy programs. Please get in touch to find out more.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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