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World Literacy Foundation accepts cryptocurrencies!

Do you believe that education and service can change the world? We do, too – especially as disparities in learning opportunities worsen around the world. Join the fight to break the cycle of illiteracy, and low expectations using one of the most tax-efficient methods: donating cryptocurrency.

Crypto donations are one of the most tax-efficient ways to support World Literacy Foundation Because of the way cryptocurrencies are classified by the IRS, donating crypto is considered a non-taxable event, meaning you don’t owe capital gains tax on the appreciated amount and you can deduct it from your taxes. Crypto donations to 501c3 charities – like World Literacy Foundation – receive the same tax treatment as stocks

If you wish to make a donation via cryptocurrency, please email

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Planned Giving

Make A Bequest Today

Make ending illiteracy Part of Your Legacy

Join World Literacy Foundation Planned Giving Program is one of the most powerful actions that you can take to help end illiteracy.  A legacy commitment is an investment in transparent, sustainable work that will directly impact under-served communities at home and abroad.

Make a Difference for Generations to Come

World Literacy Foundation’s  Planned Giving Program was designed to help ensure your legacy while supporting our mission. Your legacy gift will provide a meaningful way for you to be remembered by your family, friends, and the World Literacy Foundation community. You will be making a difference in the lives of people living below the poverty line and be a part of something larger than yourself for years to come.

There are many impactful ways to make a legacy gift, including:

Let’s Discuss Your Legacy

World Literacy Foundation welcomes the opportunity to discuss how you envision creating your legacy starting today. Please contact Andrew Kay CEO at   to begin this important conversation.

Designate Gifts

In Memory Of / In Honor Of

A Memorial Contribution provides an opportunity to honor the memory of a loved one with a monetary gift in their name.
An Honor contribution is a unique way to recognize an individual for a noteworthy accomplishment or on a special occasion.
Your gift in their name will help support the work of World Literacy Foundation that help build a better future.
Each gift serves as a lasting tribute to the person since the fund will exist in perpetuity.


"My 3rd-grade teacher instilled the love of reading in me and donating to children's literacy is the perfect way to celebrate his retirement."
In Honor of Mr. Walters
"My Aunt dedicated her life to helping children to learn to read, and my gift is a way to carry her legacy forward."
In Memory of her Aunt Betty
"Every Christmas, I give my grandchildren money to make a donation to a worthy cause of their choice, and it has become a favorite holiday tradition."
In celebration of her Grandchildren

Leave A Bequest

Leave A Bequest

Leave A Bequest

A life

Leave A Bequest

Leave A Bequest

Leave A Bequest

Leave A BeqDesignating a gift "In Memory Of" or "In Honor Of" someone is a thoughtful way to show appreciation or respect for that person, while also supporting a cause that they care about. Here are some steps you can follow to designate a gift in this way: Choose a charity or organization: Select a charity or organization that aligns with the interests of the person you wish to honor or remember. This can be a cause that they were passionate about, or an organization that they supported during their lifetime. Contact the charity: Contact the charity or organization to find out their policies for designating gifts in honor or memory of someone. They may have specific instructions or forms that you need to complete. Provide information: Be prepared to provide information about the person you are honoring or remembering, including their full name, the reason for the gift, and your own contact information. Decide on the donation amount: You can choose to make a one-time donation or set up a recurring donation in the person's name. The charity may also have specific donation levels or suggested amounts. Notify the honoree or family: If you are designating a gift in honor of someone, consider notifying them or their family about the donation. This can be a meaningful way to show your appreciation and support. Follow up: Follow up with the charity to make sure that your donation was received and that it was designated correctly. You may also want to ask if they offer any acknowledgment or recognition for these types of gifts. By following these steps, you can make a meaningful contribution to a cause while also honoring or remembering someone who is important to you.