Digital Literacy; the 21st-Century Skill



Globalization and the rise of new technologies have revolutionized our society and the entire world. Nowadays, digital literacy is a crucial skill for any individual, children and young teens, in particular, need to use these new skills in school, their future jobs, and everyday lives. In order to become competent in the digital world, innovative ways of learning are needed.


1 digital learning tumoThe importance of 21st century skills


Trends in technology are moving towards robots, automation, and artificial intelligence. The questions are; are we prepared for embracing these new trends? How can we keep up in a world where change is constant?


The traditional education system seems to be obsolete for the demand of the 21st century. If we want a generation competent for future jobs, schools and universities need to reinvent their curriculums and include more effective learning environments to promote the development of digital literacy skills.


Introducing new learning environments


In response to the need of the students worldwide, new digital learning centers have emerged offering modern educational models where young people can specialize in different areas of the digital world according to their interests and aptitudes.


2 digital learning tumoThe TUMO Center, founded in Armenia in 2011, is a perfect example of the new non-formal learning environments raised to disrupt the traditional educational model. Focusing on technology and design, TUMO Center offers 8 learning targets including animation, graphic design, game development, filmmaking, programming, 3d modeling, music, and robotics. Learning is a personalized experience, delivered through a platform called TUMO Path, an innovative program that combines self-learning activities, workshops, and labs in a continually evolving timeline that can span up to 2 years. The curriculum is followed in English while professional experts assist children in relevant fields.


Due to their innovative education offer, TUMO has received a lot of international attention, leading to the establishment of TUMO Centers in cities like Paris, Beirut, Berlin, Moscow, and now Tirana where over 350 students have joined the center since October 2020. According to Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, “TUMO is not for Armenia, it’s for the world. It’s a philosophy”.


Like the WORLD LITERACY FOUNDATION, TUMO Tirana is all about digital literacy for youth, aiming to create a unique environment where students feel inspired and build strong foundations for their future.


Everyone who is interested and wants to learn more about TUMO, visit www.tirana.tumo.al


Written by:

City of Tirana, Irini Zoica, Linda Bardha