This Christmas, Gift Hope, Gift Education

This Christmas, Gift Hope, Gift Education

As we enter into the holiday season, most gift giving is between family and friends. You find a scarf for sister, or a coffee mug for your best friend. But this Christmas, there’s a way to gift something more meaningful. You can give education, and the hope for a more literate global population.

Illiteracy might not be the crisis that covers the breaking news channels, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a huge global issue. 254 million children are out of school. Another 757 million of the global population are illiterate. That means they struggle economically and socially in both developing and developed countries.

The Best Gift You Can Give A Child Is Education

Here’s the surprisingly good part about that: illiteracy is something we know how to solve. Gifting education to children is a proven way to give them more opportunities. What exactly does that mean? Education means empowerment. With the ability to read, children can decide to learn more, or even travel to explore the world and share the gift of their knowledge with others.

Donating to education is the best gift to give this holiday because you can give back in a way that helps others. Who isn’t grateful for their ability to read or write? Perhaps it’s something that you take for granted. Just for a moment: imagine that you hadn’t had an education or were unable to read or write. What could you do with your life?

The statistics on the returns we get from education are impressive, especially in the developing world. Education provides many of the impoverished children the opportunities in their life that they would not have otherwise had.

Make A Difference

So this year, gift the hope for education for a child in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Give $50 and give quality education for 32 illiterate children
  • Give $100 and give quality education for 64 illiterate children
  • Give $250 and give quality education for 160 illiterate children
  • Give $500 and give quality education for 320 illiterate children

There’s nothing that fits the Christmas season more than giving the gift of literacy to children because literacy is more than an education, it’s the hope for a better future.

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 Written by Gabriella Gricius.