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"When I read, I can imagine..."

For you today – a tale of two book-loving friends.

Their names are Jen Gloria and Brenda. Both are 10 years old.

Jen Gloria wants to be a neurosurgeon.

Brenda wants to be a teacher.

But where they live in Kenya, many families struggle in poverty. So not only are books in short supply, families often can’t afford to buy books.

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Yet both girls love reading. Both of them read with their mothers. Both of them want to improve their literacy – because they have big dreams!

Brenda says: “I like reading story books because it teaches me to pronounce other words and how to spell them. When I read stories, I can imagine how to write the stories (myself).”

Your kind gift goes towards books for girls like Brenda and Jen Gloria…

Through a solar-powered literacy-boosting Sun Books tablet loaded with books, games and educational resources.

So you help girls like Jen Gloria and Brenda to learn and thrive – instead of missing out on the books they need to follow their dreams.

Jen Gloria refers to her mother as a “businesswoman”. Where she lives, that means street vending to earn enough to live in a single bedroom within a slum. Her mum desperately wants Jen Gloria to have a different life.

But living in poverty makes learning hard. It makes school hard. How can Jen Gloria study to become a neurosurgeon do when she can’t get books to even get through high school?

Brenda says: “When I grow up, I would like to be a teacher because I want to help other people so they can learn. I would like to be the head of the teachers in the school.”

These two girls are bright, hardworking and ambitious. They deserve a chance to fulfil their dreams.

This Christmas, will you help girls like these two friends?

Your kindness and generosity today gives them the joy of reading and learning. You’ll give them hundreds of books – all on one handy device.

Donation 25 Ww


goes towards the gift of hundreds of books on a Sun Books tablet so children like Jen Gloria and Brenda can read to their hearts’ content this holiday season.

Donation 75 Www


helps boost reading and literacy outcomes for children – giving them a better chance of pursuing further studies or better-paying jobs.

Donation 200 W


will provide books and vital educational materials through a Sun Books tablet so children have the resources they need to pursue their ambitions.

You may be asking: Why Sun Books?

Because it’s a whole library on one device for a fraction of the cost!

Here are 5 reasons why your gift of a Sun Books tablet is a great Christmas present for students like Jen Gloria and Brenda:

1. You provide a comprehensive digital library – with a focus on literacy, numeracy and health, …

the tablet has over 800 textbooks and ebooks plus video and audio files, lesson plans and classroom activities, educational games and student assessment tools.

2. You give a sustainable solar-powered device – a solar panel charger means no electricity is needed for recharging. Made of strong, durable materials, the Sun Books tablet is built to withstand harsh, outdoor environments… like the areas where Jen Gloria and Brenda come from.

3. You enable literacy in areas with no internet – all content is preloaded – crucial in regions where Internet is patchy or non-existent so no downloads are required. That means no buffering or waiting for content to load.

4. You provide relevant local content – 30% of the textbooks and resources on the device incorporate local content.

5. You help with cost-effective educational resources – much cheaper and easier to produce and ship than the equivalent hard copy textbooks.

Your gift is a simple, sustainable way of encouraging the joy of reading and learning among children… and helping girls like Jen Gloria and Brenda towards their dreams.

For Brenda, these dreams go beyond herself.

“When I grow up, I would like to see my children going to school so they can create their own future.”

Thank you for making it a Merry Christmas… with books for children.

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