Books are a uniquely portable magic.


In Latin America, literacy needs are great:

  • 35 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate

  • 36% live on less than US$2 per day.

  • 42% of children from the poorest families in Colombia start late at school, and the school expectancy these students is just 6 years, compared with 12 years for the wealthiest.

The World Literacy Foundation established seven years ago a project in Manizales, Colombia called ‘Aprende Leyendo’. This project is focused on children who have low-level literacy skills, and who can’t afford to attend school. Every week we run 2 classes for 60 children and provide them and their parents, children’s books, reading support and tutoring.

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Merging Technology and Education


DINGO App is a digital learning tool that aims to develop and enhance literacy skills in both; Spanish and English, of children from a low-income background.


Low literacy rates have a negative impact on health, welfare, gender equality, social cohesion and work opportunities which can lead to increased rates of poverty.


By supporting the education system of developing countries with quality educational resources and tools, we are helping to break the poverty cycle.


Empowering children to become ‘global citizens’


We aim to educate children on sustainable development issues to encourage them to participate in the creation of a more just, peaceful, inclusive, secure and sustainable world.

Local tailored content


The educational activities will be associated with the Colombian context to facilitate meaningful learning.

Collaborative solution


The app is developed in collaboration with partners and volunteers in the education sector, graphic designers, authors, IT engineers and children from our reading program.

Bilingual content


We know English is an essential language for a globalized world. Our app provides a module to learn basic vocabulary in English.

Off-line Content


The facilitator and children won’t need an Internet connection to run the App.

Low-cost Solution


It is so much cheaper and easier than transporting thousands of books to every community