Breaking the Silence: A Glimpse into the Heart-Wrenching Struggle of Illiteracy in America

Breaking the Silence: A Glimpse into the Heart-Wrenching Struggle of Illiteracy in America

Experience the heart wrenching reality of illiteracy in America through, “The Truth About Reading”, a powerful new documentary. This eye-opening film sheds light on the profound issue of illiteracy, featuring stories of individuals who overcame the struggle as adults and offer solutions for a future where every child can read proficiently.

Jeff Graham, principal of Sydney Deener Elementary School, was among the nearly 100 viewers who were deeply moved by the documentary. He emphasized the pressing challenge of illiteracy, especially in our educational institutions. “We know that reading is a deficit, and an area we need to work on is reading improvement, students being able to read.” Graham stated.

“The Truth About Reading: The Invisible Crisis Hiding in Plain Sight” is Directed by Emmy award-winning Nick Nanton and produced by the John Corcoran Foundation in California. The documentary addresses low literacy rates across the U.S. and introduces us to people from diverse backgrounds who faced the uphill battle of learning to read. Among them are high level professionals and even a teacher.

Shocking statistics reveal that 43 million adults in America are functionally illiterate, and 1 in 3 students in the country drops out of high school.

Andrew Kay, CEO of the World Literacy Foundation, highlighted the significance of the issue, especially considering the COVID-19 pandemic, which stalled the documentaries production. He stressed the importance of realizing the extent of the reading and literacy struggles that many Americans face.

Dr. Don Green, Board Member of USA Reads/World Literacy Foundation and President of Point Park University, Pittsburgh, PA added ________________________

USA Reads, in its unwavering commitment to addressing the pervasive issue of illiteracy in the U.S., is taking proactive steps to make a meaningful difference in the early lives of children. The organization understands the far-reaching impact of illiteracy, which goes beyond academic struggles and significantly affects individuals’ emotional well-being. Through its latest initiative, “Read for Wellness,” USA Reads aims provide literacy support to struggling children impacted by life-changing adversities. The transformative power of books is at the heart of this program, empowering children to thrive regardless of their circumstances. Currently, the program serves children in hospitals, foster care, and those resettling from displacement. USA Reads is dedicated to ensuring that every child has access to the tools they need to for optimal success in school and in life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness this impactful documentary. You can watch the trailer or stream the full film by clicking on the link below. Let it move you and inspire change!

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Turning on the subtitles while children are watching television

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Breaking the Silence: The Truth About Reading
Breaking the Silence: The Truth About Reading

The"The Truth About Reading" is a powerful documentary that sheds light on the heart-wrenching reality of illiteracy in America. It highlights the pervasive struggles individuals face in reading and addresses the challenges within educational institutions. Shocking statistics reveal the alarming rates of functional illiteracy among adults and the high school dropout rate. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on literacy issues is emphasized.

The World Literacy Foundation and USA Reads are proactive organizations working to combat illiteracy. The "Read for Wellness" initiative by USA Reads provides crucial literacy support to children facing adversities, including those in hospitals, foster care, and resettling from displacement. Recognizing the transformative power of books, the program aims to enhance emotional well-being and equip children with the tools needed to thrive academically and personally, ensuring they can flourish despite their circumstances. These efforts underscore the importance of improving literacy rates and facilitating access to educational resources for a brighter future.

"Illiteracy in America" is a pressing concern, evidenced by the widespread "Reading struggles" experienced by many individuals. This challenge significantly impacts "Literacy rates," leaving a notable portion of adults functionally illiterate. To address this issue and provide essential assistance, the "Read for Wellness" initiative has been established. This program focuses on offering crucial "Literacy support for children," recognizing the importance of early intervention to nurture a love for reading and improve overall literacy outcomes. By enhancing literacy support for children, the initiative aims to alleviate the illiteracy crisis and promote a brighter future for individuals in the United States.

The Truth About Reading

The Invisible Crisis Hiding In Plain Sight" is a documentary presented by John Corcoran of the John Corcoran Foundation and Nick Nanton, ESQ. of DNAFilms. The documentary aims to ignite a movement advocating for high-level literacy for all individuals. It sheds light on the widespread crisis of illiteracy and sub-literacy that affects every aspect of society, aiming to educate and motivate viewers through research and inspiring storytelling of individuals who have overcome reading difficulties.

The vision of the documentary is to create a society where every individual possesses strong literacy skills, empowering them to succeed in various aspects of life. It highlights alarming statistics, such as 54% of adults between 16 and 74 years old lacking proficiency in literacy and 65% of 4th graders in the US not meeting proficiency standards.

John Corcoran, a former high school history teacher with a history of reading difficulties, and Nick Nanton, the director and producer of the documentary, are passionate about addressing literacy issues. John Corcoran, through the John Corcoran Foundation, aims to prevent and eradicate illiteracy and sub-literacy, drawing from his personal experience of learning to read at the age of 48. Nick Nanton, a director with numerous documentaries and Emmy awards to his name, is committed to making a positive difference through his work.

The documentary's team plans to significantly impact literacy in society and is conducting a fundraising campaign to raise $500,000 to make the documentary a reality. Contributions can be made through The John Corcoran Foundation, a tax-exempt 501c3 organization. The timeline for the project involves completing filming, production, and distribution, aiming for a release on major streaming networks in the summer of 2023.

Overall, the documentary aims to raise awareness about the literacy crisis and inspire collective efforts to promote high-level literacy, ultimately creating a society where everyone has the skills to succeed in life.