Book Clubs, a way to enhance reading skills in the communities

Education in Ghana still faces many challenges. Low education quality, absence of trained or qualified teachers, gender inequality and lack of educational resources have led the youth in the community to grow up directionless.

literacy book clubsFour years ago, a group of young people came together to establish an organization in Nima, a community in the Republic of Ghana in the Western part of Africa. Nima is one of the most deprived, most marginalized and under-resourced.

This organization is called the Success Book Club. The club is a platform to develop literacy skills in young people but also to make a large impact in their lives, the community, the country and worldwide.

reading book clubsWe select a book of the month, we read and discuss it together to finally take the main ideas for our own personal development. We use the lessons derived from the books to push the community agenda of restructuring, re-engineering and rewiring the minds of our youth.

As a reading club, we are inspired by the words of George R.R. Martin “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.  The man who never reads lives only one.” And holding firmly to the words of our first president Dr. Kwame Nkrumah “We must completely eradicate illiteracy from our midst”.

Book Clubs 2Since the foundation of this fantastic book club, we have read about 30 books including motivational, fiction books, biographies and articles written by local and international authors. The first book we read was Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence by Benjamin Carson; the man who has become a global ambassador for reading with his powerful life-changing message.

Although we have not been around for a long time, we are witnessing massive changes in the thoughts and personal life of the club members by getting influenced and motivated to become a literacy advocate and spread the importance of reading in the community.

We believe the more that people learn, the more they will know. Access to learning allows people to have a better understanding of the world and participate in an active way in their communities but it is important to remember that literacy is the foundation of learning.

Inusah Mohammed – Executive Secretary of Success Book Club.