Bonding With Your Newborn Through Reading Books

A study in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioural Pediatrics found that parents who read to their newborn reported an increased sense of parent-infant intimacy. Reading fosters the bond between a parent and baby as they spend quality time and snuggle up with a book together, providing the baby the intimacy and affection they need. The sound of the parent’s voice can also be soothing to their baby even before they are able to understand words. This is so important as forming a strong parent-infant bond is essential for a newborn’s healthy development.

Building a secure attachment with your newborn teaches them to trust you and communicate their emotions to you. This is vital for their social and emotional development. As your baby learns to connect with you, they form important foundations that influence their ability to connect and form healthy, loving relationships with others. 

Babies who develop a secure bond often become better at:

  • Developing healthy and fulfilling relationships
  • Regulating their emotions
  • Emotional resilience 
  • Developing trust and empathy 
  • Having a sense of self-worth and confidence
  • Sharing their feelings and seeking support
Reading to a newborn

Reading Tips for Newborn's Parents

  • Snuggle up! Hold your baby close while reading to them. This will help them develop a sense of safety and security with you.
  • Encourage your baby’s coos and gurgles as well as their attempts to mimic you. This is their way of communicating with you and as they practice making sounds, the better they will become!
  • Check out our project in Australia, Reading out of Poverty for more tips. This Australian non-profit promotes early-literacy skills in children and provides literacy resources and services to families with young children from low socio-economic backgrounds, including migrants, refugees, and Indigenous individuals in Australia.


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