Improving Children’s Literacy Skills in Australia


Since 2011, Reading out of Poverty (ROOP) is working with a sole focus on providing early literacy skills and school preparedness for children aged 0-5 years from a disadvantaged background.

We promote literacy skills in early childhood and provide literacy resources and services to families with young children from low socio-economic backgrounds, including migrants, refugees, and indigenous individuals in Victoria.

We envision a country where all Australian children from all cultures, genders, and backgrounds will develop literacy skills and have books of their own.


Our Services

Reading Club
Read - Aloud Program

Our story time sessions focus on reading aloud to children. Children loved being read to, and the more language exposure they have through books, the more literate they become.

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Our pop-up-libraries are filled with donated children’s picture books. They pop-up in a variety of centres within Australia. More importantly, parents can choose and take a book home for free to read with their child.

Parent Club
New Parents

We work with medical practitioners and organisations to ensure new parents are provided with the necessary resources, mentoring and support, to ensure regular literacy routines are established at home from an early age.

Icon New Parents
Multilingual Baby Books

Empowering migrant and refugee parents with the opportunity to read stories to their children in their own language and English.

Christmas Giving

Wrapping and giving books to underprivileged children at Christmas time is a favourite tradition of the Reading out of Poverty Foundation.

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Meet Hassan

This is the story of Hassan; a boy who at the age of two, was forced to flee his home country with his family due to bombings in their hometown in Syria. After being internally displaced for two years, the family managed to move to Victoria, Australia as refugees. Upon arriving in Australia, Hassan and his family did not have much apart from two bags of personal belongings.

Hassan never had the chance to attend any early childhood education services due to being displaced and the violence in their home country. For a child, like Hassan, living in poverty means there are no books for a bedtime story, and he often goes to bed hungry. 

However, Hassan and his mum Fatima started to attend their local playgroup regularly and through ROOP’s programs at playgroup, Hassan was able to learn to read. Hassan always shows up to playgroup with excitement to attend the read aloud sessions hosted by our ROOP volunteers.

ROOP has provided Hassan and his family with free literacy packs full of books that they can take home and keep.

Our literacy pack included multilingual books so that the whole family can read aloud in both English and their mother tongue together and make reading a fun family-bonding activity.

Donate Today!

By giving the gift of literacy today, you are empowering a child with reading and writing skills needed to succeed at school and beyond.

Indigenous Learning App

Growing Literacy Skills Through Technology

Logo Indigenous App

The Indigenous Learning App is a digital tool for teachers, parents and children, which bridges the literacy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children in Australia. It provides suitable digital learning resources to help children learn English in conjunction with their mother tongue.

We collaborate with Indigenous children, young people, linguistic experts and the local community in Northern Territory and Western Australia to create a local e-books, stories, educational activities, and games to build children’s literacy skills.

*The World Literacy Foundation Australia and the Indigenous Learning App acknowledges and honours First Nations peoples, paying respect to Elders past and present as custodians of this land.


Our Community