Ambassador Program 2023

Think Local, Act Global

Think Local, Act Global

Applications for the Youth Ambassador Program 2023 are now close.


Join a Global Community of Change-Makers

Every year, the World Literacy Foundation runs a free global program to train and encourage youth individuals to become literacy advocates and generate change in their communities. Our ambassador program is an incredible platform to interact, share and strengthen togetherness with other like-minded people determined to eradicate illiteracy worldwide.
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Be a voice in your community

Ambassadors will speak at their school, university, media or community group to raise awareness and advocate for literacy.

About World Literacy Foundation
Support the education of vulnerable children

Ambassadors will raise funds to support one of the literacy programs of the World Literacy Foundation.

About World Literacy Foundation
Develop your leadership and advocacy skills

Ambassadors will receive training to learn how to get others involved in their cause and make a greater impact to help eradicate illiteracy..

We will open registrations for the Young Ambassador program in May, 2022.
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Pre-Registration for the Youth Ambassador Program 2023 is open now.

Applications for the Youth Ambassador Program 2023 are now close.

The Youth Ambassador Program starts on June 6th.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact 
Make sure to follow our social media for any updates.  

Registration for the Youth Ambassador Program will open in Mid-April 2023. 

Follow our social media so you don’t miss any important updates about the program!


Think Global, Act Local!


Think Global, Act Local!

Meet Yasmin, Arman & Kelly; our former WLF Ambassadors from Canada. After participating in our WLF Ambassador Program in 2020, these young leaders felt motivated to start their own initiative called ‘Lives for Literacy’.

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Program at a glance…

Why become a WLF Ambassador?

Who can apply?

We are looking for young people that meet the following criteria:

How to apply?

The Youth Ambassador program is a yearly program.  

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Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before you apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions


I’m interested in the WLF Ambassador Program, how can I apply?
I’m under 16, can I apply?
I submitted my video, what else do I need to do to complete my application?
• I missed the deadline, can I apply after the applications have close?
If selected, am I going to get paid for my role as WLF Ambassador?


Do I have personal training during the program?
Do I have to travel to any of the locations where the World Literacy Foundation works? Do I need to attend on-sit events?
What is the program structure?
Is it mandatory to organize an event or activity?
Can you provide me with a computer and/or internet?


Is it mandatory to raise funds for the World Literacy Foundation?
Can the World Literacy Foundation sponsor my own project or initiative?
Will I get a certificate from the World Literacy Foundation?