Having participated in the Ambassador program has truly made a positive and decisive impact in my career

Having participated in the Ambassador program has truly made a positive and decisive impact in my career.

I am Jules Armel KIMA and I am from Burkina Faso. I am a Young Peace builder and a Global Goalkeeper. As a Youth-led organization leader (http://www.facebook.com/suduandal/), my work primarily addresses Quality Education, Peace and Partnership for the Goals. I had the privilege of being selected as a WLF Ambassador by the World Literacy Foundation in 2020.

I capitalize about 11 years of social Commitment.  However, my journey as a humanitarian volunteer really took shape in 2017 after having validated 3 months of hard community work in the humanitarian volunteering program supported by the British government called “International Citizen Service (ICS)“. 

Indeed, this experience made me discover a better version of myself and I understood that I was the type of person who finds happiness and the joy of living by helping others to smile again. 

This is why from 2018 to 2020 I got committed as a country representative for the volunteering program named “The Orphans Empowerment Society (TOES)” through which I coordinate a team of almost 30 national volunteers and TOGETHER we have raised funds and collected food and clothing to help around 750 orphans and street children in 2 years.

Joining the WLF Youth Ambassador Program

I have loved reading books since my childhood.  And when I saw the opportunity to become a WLF ambassador, I first thought it was a program just to promote books and reading. When I was selected, I understood that the program went further than the book and was going to open up a larger and inspiring pillar area for me: that of education. Then I decided to focus my commitment on education in humanitarian context.

At the end of the training that I followed as part of WLF Ambassador’s program, I matured the idea of ​​initiating an education program in emergency situations to help fill the education gap in that moment my country was facing at the same time a security crisis (terrorism) and the health emergency (COVID-19).

This is how I launched the “Programme Vacances Utiles/P.V.U” (https://www.facebook.com/vacancesutiles) in 2020 which is a volunteering program for assistance in the education and training of children and young people in vulnerable situations in Burkina Faso.

From 2020 to 2022 my team of volunteers and I manage to hold this program with the minimum because I have no financial support… But as MALALA YOUSAFZAI said: “One child, one teacher, one pen, and one book can change the world.” I strongly believe that we can positively change the world by beginning to help with the minimum we have.

In terms of advocacy for literacy after participating in the ambassador program with the World Literacy Foundation, I was able to improve my emergency education program and today we are capitalizing more than 200 children and young beneficiaries in 2 years.

I also got selected as an ambassador for “Nouveaux Horizons”: a program of the US Department of State for the promotion of literacy through reading and for the promotion of books from American authors.

Recently in September 2022 I was invited by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the USA where I took part in the Global Goalkeepers Award ceremony as a nominee in recognition of my significant contribution in advancing towards the achievement of the SDGs(4;16;17) by 2030.

With the aim of climbing the next stage of my commitment; I’m getting ready to innovate by not only promoting peace but also by encouraging the involvement of young people in issues of peace and security through education in my volunteering program. I got that inspiration after participating in a side event on the issue of “Youth, Peace and Security” during the 77th General Assembly of the United Nations.

Thanks to my experience and my status as a literacy ambassador, I have been associated several times with meetings to discuss with my peers on education issues and recently in September 2022 I had the honor to intervene as a panelist to talk about: Education in the crisis context in the Sahel

I hope to have the opportunity to participate in international summits and give voice on education issues not only as an ambassador but also as a young African leader, a world citizen. I am a Youth ambassador for the World Literacy Foundation and my voice matters.

 Having participated in the WLF Ambassador program has truly made a positive and decisive impact in my career.

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Author: Jules Armel KIMA, WLF Ambassador 2020 
Country: Africa
Email: kimajulesarmel@gmail.com

positive and decisive impact

positive and decisive impact

positive and decisive impact

A life changing positive and decisive impact

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read and write

positive and decisive impact