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Since 2014, we have been working on the development of Sun Books, a digital learning initiative to facilitate access to quality educational resources for children in ‘off-the-grid’ locations.

Sun Books brings together solar power, literacy resources, technology, and the local community to enhance literacy levels and the education of children. The literacy app has + 800 eBooks, digital literacy activities and teacher’s resources.


Guyana (South America)

Guyana Sun Books

With the support of Cindy O. Charles- Founder and CEO of Kupanda Sisters, we have started the Sun Books pilot program and training at Sophia Primary School in Georgetown, Guyana.


Kenya Sun Books

With the support of Lamek Odero-CEO and Founder of Resurge Children East Africa, we are training teachers to use the Sun Books tablets and also hosting reading and writing workshops to enhances children’s literacy skills.


Nigeria sun books

Sun Books was first implemented at Ireti Girls Primary School in Lagos. Now, in partnership with Dream School Foundation, Sun Books aims to scale the project to other schools and villages in the region.

South Africa

south africa sun books

We are working on the implementation of Sun Books at Hammanskraal-West Primary School, in Kanana Village, home to 1,394 children and 32 teachers. Also, we are working with Mia Le Roux and Salomé Geertsema, Senior Lecturers from the Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, on research to determine the literacy skills of beginners and intermediate learners in Grade 4, pre and post-electronic literacy intervention.


uganda Sun books

We have implemented Sun Books in the following 10 schools in Gulu, Jinja and Kayunga Districts: Gulu Primary School, Christ Church Primary School, Kasubi Primary school, Jinja Christian School, Maligita Primary School, Kangulumira Roman Catholic Primary School, Agnes School, New ABC Nursery and Primary School, Mother Teresa Nursery and Primary School, and Victory Nursery and Primary School.


zimbabwe sun books

With the support of Donald Jaravaza- CEO andFounder of Read Zimbabwe Trust, Sun Books has been implemented in dozens of schools and libraries in the Sub Saharan Region, bringing digital resources and reading workshops to schools in Zimbabwe. Our goal is to increase literacy learning outcomes in the most underprivileged public schools for some 500 children in grades 1-3, every year.

Our Sun Books Initiative provides technology to kids in Africa to improve their education

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Our Sun Books Initiative provides technology to kids in Africa to improve their education