7 Benefits of Early Reading

1 early learningParents should encourage early reading habits in their children because a learned child can have a bright future and make an impact on society as they grow.


Here are 7 benefits of early reading


  1. Brain development: Reading is like exercise for the brain! The young mind is like a sponge that absorbs knowledge and the earlier a child reads the better. It is no surprise that kids who read more are often more intelligent!
  2. Early vocabulary development:  A behavior instilled at an early age is a behavior learned for life. Exposing children to words at an earlier age introduces them to lots of new vocabulary and helps them understand how words are used in different contexts. For optimal learning, it’s also important not to overload them with too many new words at once. 
  3. Improved reading: This is one of the greatest benefits. The more words kids are exposed to by reading, the better their comprehension skills. When they read and see words they don’t understand, it’s only natural to look them up in the dictionary. When they do, they increase their vocabulary and can recognize more and more words they come across each time they read.
  4. Better writing:  Writing is a skill. As parents, we may think, “Oh he/she doesn’t intend to be a writer, so why do I need to instill early reading habits?” This mindset is wrong because, if you think about it, writing is needed in every facet of life. Whether it’s writing simple things like birthday cards or complex things like job applications in later life, knowing good words makes all the difference!
    2 early learning
  5. Better communication: The same word can have different meanings depending on the context in which it’s used. Understanding this is important to convey what’s intended. When children are exposed to a wide range of words, including those which carry different meanings depending on their context, they can communicate better and express themselves in more ways.
  6. Creating a hobby: Why do you think kids always want to be read bedtime stories? Because it’s fun for them and a soothing activity before drifting off to sleep. This could later develop into a hobby and be an outlet for their relaxation as they grow.
  7. Professional skills: It’s no secret that high proficiency in English is needed in various types of jobs and listed as an acquired skill. Children with high proficiency in English often grow up to be better suited to high-skilled jobs and are an asset to their employers.

The World Literacy Foundation recognizes the many benefits of early reading. Its resources and programs are helping kids all over the world learn to read!

Written by: Ohadiugha Uchenna Peter